You can click on any of these awards and you'll be taken to their site.  I recommend reading their blogs.

It's October the 23rd and in the face of all the ups 'n downs of publicly weathering the storm of hatred in the world, a new blogger friend, Extrospection gave me an award:


It's September 6, 2011 ... I received two awards this week!  This sweet one from Blogger Friend "Psycho Basher"

This one comes with a stipulation; that I pass it on with the following:


  1. What makes you laugh, smile or giggle? Papi's silliness
  2. What are your dreams for your future? To make a living off composing
  3. If you were to go on a cruise, where would it be and why? Somewhere warm.  I don't care where, just somewhere warm.  Because I'm always cold.
  4. How would you spend your vacation time and with whom? The only person I want to spend my vacation with is my love.
  5. If given a chance, what life would you choose?  Your life now or your past? I definitely choose my life now.  My past is what I run from.
  6. Is there something that you wished before when you were young, but you didn't get it? I wanted to be a dancer.  Multiple vehicle accidents made sure I wasn't.
  7. Have you been in a situation where you might have given up, but still you chose to move on? Yes.  Every day I try to get back to where I was before my last (and worst) accident.  I say I'm going to accept where I am, but I just keep trying to get to where I was.
  8. Is there someone in your life who has been your source of strength and inspiration? Mi esposo.  I've never met someone with as big a heart, the ability to understand, and the ability to forgive.  I wish I could be as generous.
I now need to pass this beautiful award on to some deserving bloggers:
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The 2nd one I received is from Kim @ This is Me...or something like that:

We need to pass these on to people, and I'm pretty sure they will be getting some duplicates, because they're pretty special people.
  1. Tricia:
  2. Sandra:
  3. Alex:
  4. Vee:
  5. Jamie:
  6. Rafa:
  7. Jane:
  8. Petitie:
There are actually more ... i just need to stop now before i go on a love fest.


It's June 19, 2011 ... I received this cool one from Stell this week :)  she has great jewelry


It's March 23, 2011, and I just received 2 more awards from the same person :) Kimberly Marie.  She's very sweet and I'm sure you'd like her blog.  Just click on this inspirational award and it will bring you there.


This one is from Kimberly Marie

This one is from Shareen

This one is from a Dirty Cowgirl

This one is from Bio

This is a repeat, but I'm grateful for all of them :) from a Ladybug

This one is from a lovely person who's blog has now gone private because of a stalker :( ... it's from Borderline Girl ... so you can't click on it sorry ...

Then the Ladybug gave me another one lol!

And this is the last one for now from Nick

After all that, I do feel pretty versatile, awesome, stylish, inspirational, beautiful and a fucking good follower.

Thank you my friends ... you mean so much to me xo


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