Thursday, November 28, 2013

no steak for you!

edit!  cows are not grain fed, but grass fed in the DR ... thank you for the correction véronique!  i was writing without thinking :)

I'm heading into the cold.

Kinda crazy isn't it?

But it's to see my baby sister, her family and my mother, so it's worth it.

My mom is going to visit my sis in Alberta, so they are helping me with a ticket to have a mock/early X-mas along with them.

It will be so nice.

But it is going to be cold.

I'm going from heaven to hell just to be with them.

I actually don't have winter clothes, so everyone has scraped up some boots, jackets and pants to lend me while I'm there.

Going to be a winter fashion queen I'm sure!

... that was sarcasm btw ...

I'm grabbing my last few moments of warm and sun, drying my hair on the patio, watching the waves.

I giggled this morning when I realized I'll miss the sound of roosters in the village.

Apparently I'm going into -15 or some kinda crazy temperature like that.

My hair better be dry before I get there or it will freeze off.

No point washing my hair while I'm there.

I gave it the good scrub so that it will last the 10 days of mini-vacation.

I'm going alone, leaving Papi to tend to The 6-Pack and workers.

Oooooooh, but how much fun is he going to have with his Spanish!!!

Fortunately, we have my tutor here painting, so maybe Papi will get some lessons here and there.

Poor Prince Papi will have to get up early now.

He will be suffering.

His usual 1 or 2 in the afternoon sleep in is going to be disrupted.

The greatest task he'll have is to deal with the irrational behaviour of dogs missing me.

When he left, they were lunatics.

Well, it could have something to do with the fact that I was in a cast and couldn't move much.

I had to segregate them outside or they would bowl me over on my crutches.

Papi is NOT allowed to hurt himself while I'm gone.

I've made him promise.

No more drunk dog tripping concussions.

No falling of ladders and tearing apart his shoulder.

No spraining of fingers leaving him digit-less.


He is not allowed to hurt himself while I'm gone.

I'll have the greatest task of trying to walk in snow with crutches.

Maybe they have some of those pointy things for the bottom to grasp the ice?

Good thing I can sorta walk a bit to help with the balance issues I have.

And do you know what I'm going to have when I'm there?


A fucking steak.

The people here don't really know how to cook a steak.  It's really overdone and hard as leather.

Could have something to do with the fact that they're healthy cows that are grain fed.

And no chemicals to plump them up.

Oh wait.

I think I talked myself out of having that chemical, hormone fed steak.




When I get there, I"ll have wheat free cake or some fucking thing like that.

My sister informed me that this trip is an exercise and diet free zone.

i am the perfect weight for me


  1. Grain is actually bad for the digestive systems of cattle. One reason you might not have good steak in the DR is that people can't afford very good cattle feed. The cattle aren't in better shape. They're often poorly nourished. It's hard to balance agriculture for human consumption and for livestock feed in a small country without enough resources.

    Grass is the best feed for cattle. That's what their digestive systems are made for. Grass-fed beef is the best. I bet you can find some grass-fed beef in Alberta, land o' beef. As for additives, look up what the CFIA allows in cattle feed (for grain-fed cattle). Some chemicals, yes, but not hormones. And again, if you buy grass-fed beef, you don't get that stuff.

    Hope you have a great time in Alberta, enjoy some really good steak, don't freeze, and return home to a healthy, uninjured, Spanish-learning Papi!

    1. these cows are grass fed! they just eat grass all day long. their heads are never off the ground. i said grain! so wrong véronique!!!

      grass. grass fed cows. maybe i need to put an update on the blog lol!

      but they are definitely not fat cows. they definitely need more food.

      and so far, we're having fun! may family are nuts :)


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