Sunday, January 12, 2014


Haven't been here for a few days.

Over a week I think?

Well, I suppose I've been a tad busy.

I've found it very difficult to stop and chat.

Then Papi got sick.

I tried putting us on a semi-raw food diet.

He's trying to blame the 'healthy' food on his sickness.

"Can't do that!  It's healthy!"

He has eaten the odd salad here and there, so I'm pretty sure that's not what's going on.

Today, I felt something coming on, but it isn't anywhere near my stomach.

All in my sinuses.  And it's not dairy.  Haven't had any.  No, it's some flu bug-ish thing.

But I'll still be eating the healthy stuff.

I went out and bought fruits and veggie galore!

I was all set!  All ready to make Papi & I healthy food so that we would feel healthier.

Except right now, he's eating crackers.

For his 'upset stomach from eating healthy food'.

I'll be sucking on a green smoothie shortly.

I don't care how sick I'm feeling, I'm going to lose this ankle weight I'll tell you.  It hurts my knees, back and ankle.  Begone bitch!

My rowing machine is almost here!!!  I'll row my way to skinny again.

Then there was a conversation about a sandwich.

Or rather, a sandwish.



There's a café kiosk down the road.  They sell sandwishes.

I'll have to try one.

I wonder how the wish comes true?

Do you make the wish when you chew?  Or when you swallow?  Or just mantra the whole wish the whole time you eat the sandwish?

I dunno, but whenever I want to type the word sandwich, I type sandwish, because of the kiosk.

I've been influenced by my surroundings.


I walked on the beach this week.  My ankle is being a bitch about it, but I'm sure I'm getting stronger.


Then we rode the ATV along the sand for as far as the tide would allow.

We found 3 different river hangouts.  We're going to go try one far down the beach next.


I wish, I wish, I wish ...

... to always feel happy in this life.

i enjoy the process of reaching a healthy weight


  1. It's nice to know you are still completely Bonkers :)
    Having said that I might just try one of those Sandwishes I'll let you know if it works.

    1. i'll definitely let you know if the sandiwshes work :) and i'm happy to be bonkers ... i'm in good company :)

  2. When I first started eating healthier, my stomach was messed up for a month.

    There's a certain irony in that, but I do think a person's system needs to adjust to it.

    It's worth it, though.

    It's been a long time since I have been on a beach. I bet some Vitamin D from the sun would do me a world of good...

    1. i've told papi about your comment. i hope that works with his system too!! thank you katy :)

      and yes, vitamin d really is good. it's so so so good.


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