Tuesday, February 4, 2014

shine on beautiful soul!


I get it.

Some people are overly mean to overweight people.  That's really terrible.

I understand that sometimes it's an eating disorder, just as much as it is food addiction, but other times it's someone who's body is just built that way.

We are all different.

I have this food addiction and I do everything to abstain from the foods I gorge on.

Some people don't care that they're overweight and that is GREAT for them.

However, some of us have other feelings about it.

I, personally, have way too much pain in my knee and back when I put on weight.

Not to mention, I have a different sort of eating disorder that makes me lose my mind.

I would prefer to fit into my clothes so that I know I'm a healthy weight, even if the mirror doesn't allow me to see the same reality.

If I don't, I'm affected by obsession and can't function properly because all my energy is spent freaking out about the pants that don't fit, then I start having anxiety.

It's not fun.  I'd rather just stay at a healthy weight to send the Anorexia Monster back to its hole.

I have a very sweet friend who is working on losing weight.

She has been proudly posting the results of her efforts with glee!

I, and so many others, are so proud of her.

Then, we have the 'mean girls'.

They are being just as catty to her as they were to me and Papi.

Just as negative and hurtful.

The same fucking assholes as we all know they are.


Leave her the fuck alone.

She is doing a good thing for herself.

It doesn't affect YOU.

It makes her feel better.

But of course, 'you', have to try to make her just as miserable as you are.

You're going to run out of people to pick on, you know?

Maybe you'll all just have to start pegging off people in your clique one by one.

Then you'll be left with the king prick who will be lonely at the top.

Perhaps then, that person will have the leftover clique to ostracize them!

Oh, the irony.

Anyway, I'm fucking pissed off that people will harass my friend who is not hurting anyone, but only bettering her own life.

Me and Papi seriously don't think we will ever want to live in Vancouver again with these cretins.

These are some of the meanest people I've ever encountered.

Even being part of The Pariah Club didn't work out for me.

They ostracized me as well.

I doubt they're doing that to this lovely soul.  They are pro-health most of the time.

But still, the other uber-PC people?

I'm not shocked.

When this sweet soul started posting about her journey, I was counting the days before the 'mean girls' reared their ugly heads.

Sure enough, they appeared, spewing filth and negativity.

My sweet friend, you are awesome.

You are doing what so many people struggle to do.

You are paving a path to encourage others to feel better in their lives as well.

Healthy is strong.

You are lovely and don't let any of those creeps bring you down.

I, like the others who are ostracized from that 'community', wish you the best and are rooting for you.

We love you.

Shine on!

i achieve my weight loss goals


  1. People really do seem to minimize the importance of feeling better about yourself. If I'm breathing better, feeling better about what i see in the mirror, etc., it doesn't really matter whether other people are noticing.

    I guess insulting others make a lot of people feel better about themselves. I never imagined I'd be this age and still saying that, but it doesn't seem to pass after adolescence after all.

    1. that's exactly it katy. we do it for ourselves. if we are happy in whatever body we have, then that's all that matters. i know that it's not my natural weight when i have gained weight from gorging and being lazy.

      and the mean ones? yes. they're just miserable and look for any excuse to bring others into their misery as possible. fuck'em.

    2. I love you!!!! Nicole <3

  2. I know and love the beautiful friend you are blogging about. These are the friendships that matter. Sending love from Ottawa. xoxox

    1. see ... so much love for this wonderful lady xoxoxoxo

  3. There's mean people in Canada? WTF? I thought everyone up there was so nice eh?

    1. rafa ... especially in vancouver. i don't know what it is, but somehow, people have turned PC into a way to be mean to one another.

      then there's those who are 'offended'. it drives me crazy. stop being a fucking victim and deal with your being 'offended' at every fucking thing you see. ya know? grow some balls people. deal with your shit on your own time!



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