Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I remembered :)

Today i managed to remember the name of the street my dentist is on...but not only that...i remembered the floor! The first time i went after the accident, i had to get there by driving along the street until i found it. Then i had to look at the board, find my dentist's name by going through every line (i couldn't remember his name) and find the floor he was on. But not today. I remembered the street, and the floor. It was a relief!

Slowly but surely, my memory is getting better and better. It's a far cry now from the times last year that i would walk into a building, only to come out and not have a clue where i was. Or when i would put a pot of water on the stove to boil, then turn to my partner and ask her what she's cooking. Or the worst: waking up not knowing who i am, who that person was beside me in that foreign bedroom was and what the sound was on the floor above my head. It was a terrifying way to wake up!

I'm remembering little things. Little things that mean so much. The funny part is i don't remember what i remember and i don't even know what i forget until the time comes. Everything is a bit of a mystery every day. Like the day i tried to sew on a button. I knew how to thread the needle, but when i looked at the button and the material, i had absolutely no idea how i was going to get it on.

First, i put it on the needle i had just threaded, then put it into the material. Well...the button went flying of the thread, because the button hole was bigger than the knot at the end of the thread.

Next, i put the needle through the material and put the button on the needle this time...but the logic of getting to this point took me a minute to figure out. Once it was on at this point, i still couldn't figure out how the hell it was going to stay on the material.

Bit by bit i experimented and figured out that it was going to stay by me going in and out of the material and button holes. But there was thread sticking out all over the place, knots in amongst the holes and material...it was a mess. And thank goodness it was just for show...because it was so tight to the material that there's no way it would have gotten through a button hole hahahhaha!! But it was on.

I'm sure next time i'll be able to do it better now that i've built a path in my fresh section of my brain on how to sew on a button.

I find it fascinating when i can recognize that i should know someone's face, but not sure how i know them. Then they speak to me. After a minute of listening to them speak, my memory comes back. Audible memory trigger! I'll then see their face as the person i've always known and a lot of the past comes back to me in quick flashes.

It's a tough thing to get through all the memory problems, but when you start to see them come back, it's truly amazing.

I'm starting to remember some of the yummy healthy treats i used to eat. This is good. Because when i first had my brain injury, i was living off chocolate bars, waffles and corn chips. I have a bit of weight to lose from this journey...yikes!

But i'm remembering things like goat cheese on rice cakes with tomatoes and marinated artichokes. Something i used to eat all the time, but only remembered about 2 weeks ago. I remembered this by making a salad that i got off the internet. It had some of the same flavor and this triggered the memory of the yummy treat i used to eat.

It seems that the more i experiment with recipes, the more i remember the foods i used to eat. And eventually, i'll get back to my health and lose this accident weight! I've lost about 8 lbs. I have about 18 more to go...and a carb and sugar addiction to battle!!!

But the point is, i'm remembering. Slowly but surely pieces are starting to come back to me. I still however can't remember why i bought a bag of coconut lol! It's been sitting there for about 5 months. Staring at me waiting to be consumed.

I just have noooooo idea why i bought it hahahha! I'll have to figure out what to do with them by experimenting with a recipe i suppose.


  1. I am going to ask you this even though I know you probably go into this somewhere in your blog and I will eventually read it...but what type of accident were you in sweetie? Just how hurt were you? I have a friend who had a brain injury and has memory issues but she was injured trying to commit suicide...different thing altogether I'm thinking.

  2. hey kimberly ... it was a motorcycle accident, and i flew 15 feet and landed on my head as first point of impact, so i'm lucky to be alive and even luckier to be walking as well as i do, even though it's still not perfect :)

    and my memory still has troubles, but i'm getting better there hooray!


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