Wednesday, October 2, 2013

bitch, bitch, bitch

In Vancouver, I would get peeved about the people who complained about the heat.

We'd get 2 months of the year that were 'warm' and people would bitch about it.

That wasn't heat.  When everyone was complaining, I would finally feel good.  It was my only 2 months of the year to smile and people would whine.

So, here we are in the heat, healing my bitch of a back.

Apparently, September is the hottest month of the year here.

Apparently, this was the hottest September on record.

It's October 3rd, and when I opened the windows to let the fresh in this morning, all that came in was a waft of sweltering air, that seemed like I could touch.

THIS is hot.

I have never once in my life wished for a little bit of cool.

When that breeze kicks in from the ocean, blowing the sweat that's trickling down the small of my back, I feel like it's a moment of being Snoopy and Woodstock sitting atop the dog house.

Thick of the summer, they couldn't move because the heat was so heavy.  Then, along comes a breeze and in unison, "Ahhhh ... cool breeze," they would say, with their noses in the air to feel it's full potential.

For a moment, that breeze feels like it's going to dry off the sweat that has moistened all my clothing.

But no.  It's only a moment.

We have to sit on the couch or chair with a towel, because it's so piping we just sweat and stick to it.

Last night, it was so scalding, that my towel was drenched.

Our pool is a disaster, because we tried having Dominican Daddy be our pool cleaner, but he had troubles with the valves and damn near ruined our pump.

So, our pool is dirty, and there is no lying in the pool during this weather fit for the devil.

Instead, we opt for the shower.

As soon as I'm out of the shower, I towel dry one area, and move on to the next, but I'm instantly sweating in the last place I towelled.


I have NEVER complained about feeling like I was in an oven.

Never once in my life.

And Papi?  He's perma-wet.  Poor Papi.  He's really suffering in this.  Having a conversation makes him sweat.

The 6-Pack Lie on their sides, tongue hanging out, breathing heavy trying to ward it off.

We went to one of our fave taco joints, Gordito's yesterday as a drive by on the way to do some shopping, and the owner said, "I moved here because I like the heat.  I've been here for 20 years.  I've never been this hot.  I'm hot."

Even the locals are complaining, and the news is telling people to stay out of the sun because of the high temperatures possibly hurting peoples' skin.

I've heard that it's similar in a lot of countries in the world, and that's scary.

I don't know what we're going to see in our lifetime with global warming, but it is a grave concern.

And meanwhile, people here burn their garbage, because nobody can afford to pay for pickup.

Fortunately, people reuse so much here.  I have never experienced such resourceful people.

I told the kids to bring homemade instruments to the class and Our Unadopted Child brought two plastic bottles with rocks in them, the holes adjoined by a stick.

Shake the stick and you have a big massive shaker.

Here, you don't need to buy a broom.  Just make it out of a stick and dried twigs.

So, I suppose, people here offset the problem of no government supported recycling in the country by reducing and reusing.

I've started collecting glass jars from the neighbours for the locals to sell their wares.

Jars and bottles get dropped off at my house and Housemaid delivers them to those who use them.

A lot of people here carpool 5 to a motorcycle, and 10 to a tiny Japanese make car, helping with gas emissions.

But what about the mass consuming countries of the world?

It's getting hot.

I've never complained about the heat before.

There's a first for everything.

everything is ok

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