Thursday, October 10, 2013

death, dying, doom

I possible I'm going through Dexter withdrawal.

I keep watching movies and documentaries on serial killers.

I've always wanted to see these shows, and nobody else has ever wanted to see them with me for video night.

So, instead of watching repeats of NCIS, Law & Order, Criminal Minds and Friends, I now have Netflix and I found some of the movies I've wanted to see from the past.

Not that Netflix had Dexter.  Bastards.

Yet, these serial killers are not like Dexter.  I loved Dexter.

These guys are really wacked and really real.

Anyway, Papi and I noticed months ago, that it would be so easy for someone to be a serial killer here in the Dominican Republic.

I searched as much as I could, googling every way I though of, to find if there were serial killers here.

They have had them, however, they're from other countries coming here to do their fucked up deeds.

Why?  Because it would be so easy.

There have been assholes that kill a lot of people, but that's not a serial killer, that's just an scum thieve or drug dealer who killed people that got in their way.

No, there really are no serial killers here.

Most of the people deported for serial killing are from the US.

Not a stretch, eh?

What is it about the US that breeds serial killers?

Australia has quite a few as well.

It is possible that the DR doesn't keep statistics on their own people, or they're buried deep in some vault where they don't have to show anyone their secrets.

I've looked for statistics on how many people die each day on motorcycles, because they don't use helmets and literally drive while drinking.


It is not uncommon to see, at any time of the day, some young guy guzzling a Presidente Jumbo beer while careening through traffic.

I also want to know how many babies are born every day on average.

It seems you can't walk a block without seeing at least 5 young, pregnant girls.

I mean YOUNG.

But living in a country that is predominantly Catholic, people are not supposed to use condoms.

Isn't there something in the Catholic religion that talks about no sex before marriage too?

Hmmm ...

Both the Dominicans and the Haitians are dying in droves, because nobody uses condoms.

Not only because they can't afford them, but because they are told by religion not to use them.

Thank you, oh pedophile priests!

The leading cause of death between people here aged 15-49, is HIV/AIDS.

I suppose the 2nd leading cause of death must be motorcycle accidents.

I don't know, because they just don't show stats online here.

It would be interesting to see if there was somewhere I could go to get this information.

And really!  Come on!

There has to be a serial killer in the Dominican Republic!!

Not that I want to meet them or anything.

And I do know that the majority of serial killers on this fucked up planet are white males.

Maybe this country really just doesn't breed serial killers.

And that is my lovely topic for the day.


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  1. Serial killing is hard. I mean, from what I hear.

    I think most murders are probably crimes of passion of some kind, whereas serial killing requires a lot of planning, some real undiagnosed mental illness, and patience.

    That sounds like a white suburban thing to me. Some kid sitting in his room figuring out how he can start systematically taking out everyone in Topeka who has b-negative blood or something, just because his uncle who abused him had b-negative blood.

    I won't get started on the Catholics...

    1. religion really breeds lunacy in those prone to it to start with.

      but yes ... i can't imagine the work and dedication that goes into being a serial killer.

      i only wish there was a real live dexter.


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