Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Papi likes to give them a show now.

Now, when they're looking over the wall, the only naked body they're donned with is my bare assed, neon white esposo.

Of course they avert their eyes, because they wouldn't want to be caught watching a naked man.

They might be called gay!

And here, that could get you killed.

Here, we don't have peeping Toms.

We have peeping Juans.

And they are always looking over the wall.

They sit back and watch Doggy TV, while waiting for the gringa to come on out in the buff.

No more.

I have 3 bathing suits.

They're in rotation.

It seems I live in them now.

In Vancouver, at the end of a long day, I would come home and get into warm, cozy pajamas.

Here, I come home, strip down and throw on a bikini.

I dip in the pool, not to cool myself there, but so that when I come straight back out, I'm refreshed while I'm soaked.

Sometimes, I put a sarong on, if it's not too hot, otherwise, I just allow myself to walk around in my bikini and ignore my body.

We don't have many mirrors here.  It's good for me.

Two days ago it was 100!!!!

Yesterday was a little cooler.

I could tell it was cooler as we all walked to the restaurant.

I've been going to lunch with the kids at Dream Project while we're on the end of season music intensive.

The kids are having a lot of fun, but then again, so am I.

They were so thrilled to hear me play and sing Vivir Me Vida.

A gringa!

Playing salsa music!

MusicMan has been leaving me alone with the kids here and there.

He's easing me in slowly, allowing me to dip my toes in, preparing me for September, perhaps.

However, as SOON as he'd leave the room, they'd erupt into nutbars, singing and dancing, jumping on the ceiling, doing back flips off the chairs, asking me, "Play the song, again!"

Alas, it's time to get firm with the little buggers.

Up until now, I've just been the 'nice gringa'.

They're finally using my name now instead of 'gringa'.

I've been 'gringa' for them, for kids in the hood and anyone who doesn't know me.


All the time.

With the occasional tiny tot who looks up and says, "Blanca!"

I think it's funny.

Anyway, for a few days now, I've been eating Dominican food, and damn, it's good.

But not good FOR me.

It's already taking it's toll.

I went home after teaching yesterday and tried to accomplish something, but passed out in a wheat and rice coma.

Now I feel like a bloated manatee.

One more day of music intensive and Domincan food, then it's back to eating salad and exercising.

And more music to learn.

i stay on a healthy eating plan and maintain my healthy weight easily

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