Thursday, August 1, 2013

the sweetest thing

It almost made me cry.

The doorbell rang, and in all my bitchiness, I stomped to the door wondering who the hell would be here to bother me?

There were 4 boys standing at the door.

One being Our Unadopted Child, and the other 3 being some more boys from The Garage Band.

They all were standing at the door with plants.

They came to bring me gifts.  One in each hand.  Plants!

It doesn't sound like much, but in this country, the generosity is more than I have ever experienced in Canada.

I invited them in with so much gratitude.

Honestly, it was THE sweetest gesture I have ever experienced.

They were so proud to plant these symbols of life.

I had so much fun swimming with them in the pool afterward.

Their eyes.  The light in their eyes with the feeling of giving me the plants.

It's hard for me to take gifts, but the joy of seeing them give was so amazing that to 'take' meant so much for me.

Then to Dream Project I went.

One sweet girl was new.  She seemed nervous to be in a music class.  I adored her eagerness.

The I hope I get to work with her more.  She isn't really signed up for the class, but she took the place of a child who happens to be in the hospital.

It's like she could FEEL that her time was limited in learning.  Maybe I can persuade her to come in during lunch time for lessons?

I'd go in an extra half hour to work with her.

Again.  The light in her eyes.  It's that light that draws us in.

I know that when I'm feeling like I'm surrounded by my angels, I have that light as well.

While I waited for students to show, I took the opportunity to play the piano.

Electric, but honestly, happy enough to play any piano.

Within 5 minutes, I had written the beginnings of a song.

My heart opened and the angels allowed me that moment of creativity.

Today my own electric piano arrived.  Now I get to have my creativity whenever it strikes me.

There is so much in me to share.

I am grateful to teach children who couldn't otherwise afford lessons.

They are making my life here so much more than worthy.

I asked them which songs they'd like to sing in the choir, and it was the ones that I tend to be drawn to as well!

But when I translated the words to English, I realized that it may be a bit too suggestive for these young kids to sing.

I'll explain that we can sing them in our time for fun, but perhaps, it may not be age appropriate for performing.

Maybe I can morph parts of it to be a little more wholesome?  So they still feel like they're having fun?

I'll do anything to make these kids happy.

They make me happy.


i am deeply fulfilled with my life

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