Thursday, May 9, 2013

looking to the future

There's a small possibility that we'll have a washing machine soon.

I'm not getting my hopes up, though.

Hopes for what Papi and I know as 'normalcy' get crushed here pretty quickly.

The women 2 towns down do a really good job, and I don't rub the skin raw off my knuckles trying to do it by hand.

No chloro.  No destroying of clothes.  They fold it super wonderful and they really smell good too.

If we never have a washing machine, we'll just live like we have been.

Clothes don't get brought in for cleaning until they start offending people's nasal cavity.

Mine tend to do that faster than Papi.

Not sure why I'm such a stinky girl, but I never used to smell like this years ago.

Too much info for ya?

Ok, let's talk about The Donkey and her first trip to Dr. Bob yesterday.

There's a double edged sword of reality here.

First of all, the people we adopted her from lied to us.

Now we know they just wanted to get rid of her, even if it meant lying about her, and it always aches when I think about unwanted animals.

I knew they were lying about her being part rottweiler, even if they did show a pic of the 'mother'.  Pictures don't prove anything.

The moment I saw her, I knew she couldn't have any rott in her, because she is so thin in the hind quarters.  Any hound that is part rottweiler would have that rottie bum.  No choice in the matter.

Anyway, I said it all along, but Dr. Bob confirmed it for Papi, and Papi believed him over me.

But the other part they lied about?  She was not 4 months when we got her, she was around 7 or 8 months.

Which means she's not going to grow any bigger.  That to me was the best news EVER!

As much as it's cute and all to have a novelty like the world's tallest dog, the fears I had about her just strolling up to the counter and eating everything off it without her paws leaving the ground have been calmed.

She'll fill out a bit, but no taller.  Phew!!!!!

So, she's around 8 or 9 months now.  Ready to be fixed so we're not inundated with donkey pups from the un-neutered dogs in the hood.

Next week is her day, and it's just as hard for us!

Dropping her off and seeing that face that says, "You're leaving me?!?!"  Then picking her up when she's in a kennel with the eyes that say, "Whatever I did, I'll never do it again!!"

But it's better than having unwanted puppies.

It's better than her puppies being in the hands of the same type of person who would just give her away when she got too big.

There's another really difficult part about dogs in the Dominican Republic that absolutely kills me.

People can't afford to get their dogs fixed, so there's pregnant dogs all over the place.

But the puppies?  When there's too many puppies, people kill them.  That's the animal control, because spaying and neutering is not a financial option.

It absolutely cuts my heart into pieces and I can't handle thinking about it sometimes.

I want to make a difference here and help to start raise money for the spaying and neutering of dogs here along side the AAAS.

As things calm down, I have 2 projects that have to be started pronto.

Make some kind of promotion to help get animals fixed, and get the choir going with the kids.

Then there's the PanMan!

He stopped by yesterday and told me as SOON as we're done here, he wants me to get working with him to help promote his ecotours and land for people to live on.

Oh, hey!  I get my keyboard today!!!  I get to start making music again!!!

So, it looks like I have a lot of good things coming up.  Let's just find me some down time to do it, OK angels?!?!


And how about that washing machine?

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