Friday, July 19, 2013

6 months

Tomorrow, we will have been here 6 months.

I knew my life would change, but I didn't know to what extent.

Who knew I could get used to microwaving my water for coffee when we've run out of gas?

This princess has never lived in the country.

I have learned to have a bath in a bowl when the electricity stops.

I have learned the importance of positivity in life when cruelty erupts from people I thought were friends, showing their true colours because they don't have to face us every day in our hometown.

My, how easy it is to lash out at someone via the internet!

I have learned that we lived like royalty in Vancouver, even though I'm grateful not to live with the cold &/or rain.

I do love the rain here, even yesterday, when it was pouring so hard that I looked like I'd taken a shower with my clothes on just running 20 feet to the car.

At least it's warm and it doesn't hurt my bitch of a back.

I have learned how to roast my own coffee, dry my own coconut, and make my own fruit juice by hand.

I've also learned that washing my clothes by hand rubs my skin raw.  I have learned there are some things I can't do.

I have witnessed how horribly government can treat their people, and every day, I ask my angels to allow everyone in the country access to healthy, clean water, health care and electricity.

Every day, I try to think of more ways I can help the village without going further into debt.

I am grateful that Papi researched the dangers and took measures to give us great deterrents for the violent thieves.

The violent thieves are not those that live with us in the village.  Well, other than The Guard who has been to jail.

The thieves come from other areas, hearing about someone who may be alone and/or have something they want.

A target, who has easy access to get into their home.

Our home is not easy access.

It doesn't mean we're exempt, as the greatest trick the thieves have is to poison the dogs and come back the next day while you're grieving to rob you.

However, scaling a wall may cause them to be seen and security cameras may cause them to be identified.

We have deterrents.

woman in Cabrera was murdered this week.  She was stabbed and her throat slit.  Perhaps a crime of passion?  Perhaps not?

During the past week's shitstorm of nastiness, someone told me I was a bad person, assuming I have guns "... to keep out the poor."

No.  We have guns to defend ourselves from the violence that has risen 3x since our decision to be here.

Just because someone is poor, does NOT make them violent.  You hear me?

Some thieves come in a uniform, originally meant to portray, 'We're here to protect you'.

The police arrested 3 people for the murder this week, but did they take the opportunity to arrest anyone they had a grudge against?  Merely to give the facade that they have done their job?

I have learned it's possible to trust a doctor with my health here.

Mr. Lumpy is gone!  Just over 2 weeks of using his recommended vitamins and amino acids and Mr. Lumpy is 100% gone!

I wonder what chemical poisons they would have given me in Canada, so the doc would get one point closer to a golfing trip or cruise for prescribing them?

I have learned that I cannot live to please anybody, because I can't, and I'm the only one I have to please.

I have learned what culture shock means.

I have learned I am truly that strong person people have told me I am for the past few years.

I have learned the importance of love, even when it's only by way of texting, or a quick G+ chat with family.

I have learned some of the most generous people out there are those with the least to give.

Generosity has nothing to do with money.

It is honestly the spirit.

i am happy in my own skin and my own circumstances


  1. I m so happy for you. And yeah, no duuuh you need a gun. It's not the poor who are going topoison your dog or check for security cameras. You continue doing what you're doing, it completely agrees with you!

    1. yeah ... thieves have a lot more money than the people who live in our village.

      i'm happy sandra ... i'm happy to be here, off pain killers and living. i'm really living. :) love you xoxo

  2. The funny part is it was mostly "the Poor" people who INSISTED we get guns and shoot it off once every while, put up the fence with glass shards, have security cams and get bars on the windows and doors!!!
    They also tell us not to trust anyone!!!!

    So um we listen to us since it is their Country and THEY KNOW!!

    Why on earth would we have guns to keep the poor people away that was the stupidest comment your non friend made other than the token godchild comment or the you selfishly helping Children learn music. That chick is a jealous idiot who knows NOTHING about our life here. We are NOT hateful people who distance our self from the Dominican Lifestyle or people!

    1. i'm understanding more not to take her hatred personally. she really doesn't know this country. i understand she knows a lot, and has lived through a lot with racism, but i am not that person that harmed her.

      i loved her.

      but something happened along the way and i'll give the love i had for her to those here. they appreciate my heart. and i look forward to seeing them all tomorrow. all their happy smiley faces, raring to go to learn music. god i love them :)


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