Friday, January 18, 2013

HE SNORES!!!!!!!

He snores.



The earth shakes.

Normally, he spends most of his evening and wee hours of the morning on the couch, because that's where he can safely consume more pop, pizza and TV.

But the couch is gone.

He's in bed.


I haven't slept in days.

He's been sleeping great!

Could be all the pills he's stuffing down his yack to make sure he does.

He gave me the run down of everything he took last night.

Sounded more like he was trying to induce a coma.

I might try that tonight.

Remember when Santa was coming and you couldn't sleep?

I have the feeling it will be like this tonight.

But then again, if I'm as tired as I was last night from packing, then I'll probably pass out quickly again.

Mind you, I'm also exhausted from not sleeping because someone was snoring all night, so it's possible I'll just sleep well because of that.



No I won't!

Because HE SNORES!!!!!!!!

So, maybe I'll be taking the concoction to induce a coma so I can get some rest.

He'll sleep better when he's by the ocean.  Nothing like sea water to cleanse those sinuses!!

The good news is, we're officially packed.

The bad news is, we're officially packed, and everything I need is in great gads of wrapped up clothing.

Never to be opened until we're at Casa Paraíso.

I did save enough to at least do my hair and makeup.

Because it is all about my hair.

And tomorrow we'll be getting the last of the footage for the first episode of my brand new YouTube show, 'Life Is a Science Experiment - Live Version'.

I'm hoping to have 'Episode One: The Countdown' up by the end of the weekend for you.

I can't even tell you how much fun I'm having being creative as an amateur film maker!

I'm thinking I may have found a new creative vein to work in!

I have the first 3 episodes all worked out for you, I just need to film them.

I'm looking forward to getting to the Dominican Republic with all my composing implements to actually compose a score for them!!

For now, I'll be using my already recorded music from HECTOR.  I don't dare use anything from BlueLight now that I've been fired.

She's a spitfire and might sue me or something.  Yikes!

Anyway, I'm enjoying it and can't wait to air my first official segment!!

See the excitement that just arose after feeling so tired from all his snoring?

That's coffee.

All hail coffee.

i know that peaceful sleep awaits me in dreamland


  1. OK but you used to snore loud and i couldn't sleep so i'm just getting you back MWAHAHAHA. I can't help that I have sinus problems in this apartment! Funny in our house you had problems now i do and you don't. Heehheheeheh

    1. we will BOTH sleep better very soon. both of us!!


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