Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reality Show Super-Fail!

So, I'm new to this YouTube world.

I uploaded one movie of The Golden and it worked well, so I thought I'd be in clear sailing to try my hand at finishing my amateur Reality Show and throwing it up on to the web for you.

Of course, being a perfectionist, I wanted it to be the best!  HD baby!!

That's why I got this fancy computer!  So I could make these amateur shows!  Why wouldn't I want them to be PERFECT?!?!?

It took 2 hours to download to my harddrive, so I thought, well, we'll be at about that for the upload to YouTube.

The next morning I got to work uploading and realized, this may take more than 2 hours.

All day long I checked it and it was at a snail's pace.  It felt like watching water boil.

I started at 9am in the morning, and when it was 'done' uploading it was 10:30pm.

I was ecstatic!  I was going to be able to show you my first amateur show!

Then it told me it had to process.

I waited and waited.

Then it told me it was taking longer than expected and that it was in queue.

Then, the moment it was done processing, it was like there was confetti in the room!  So exciting!

Only to be squashed a second later by the YouTube Yankees telling me it was too long and that if I wanted to upload a long movie, I would have to give them my phone number.

That sounds like extortion to me!

But I did it anyway, because I want so badly to put it up.  Kinda like how we just found out yesterday, that we'd been taken by the DR Family, in that they told us we needed to pay off the authorities to bribe them to let us put up a wall.

We wanted our security wall so badly, we did it.  Now we're going to be a little more leery.  Fuckers.  They got us.

Anyway, I found out from someone a little later on Facebook, that the reason the clip took all day was because it was in HD.

I had to dumb it down a bit.  Last night I downloaded it on to my harddrive in mv4.  Lo and behold, it took minutes, not hours.

Then as soon as I was able to get off the toilet and get more water and lime into my ailing stomach that just isn't letting up, I decided to upload and see what happened.

It's only been an hour and it's already at 30%.  I'm trying hard not to get my hopes up that I might have this down!

So, I'm waiting patiently, and if it doesn't work, I'll chop it into the 15 minutes necessary to please the YouTube Yankees.

In the meantime, I'm warding off the new chihuahua puppy who's nickname was donned to him last night.


He's very similar looking to The Galloping Gazelle, but orange and even more of a puppy.

Well, he's been sooooooo sick and we've been giving him medicine since yesterday and he's starting to feel better.

Better enough that he's decided that he'd like to hump my arm.

At first, I thought he was just trying to get a better grip in order to get more traction to puncture my skin with his tiny razor blade teeth.

Then it came.

The hump.

In my full dog training alpha mode, I had to make sure he understood that I am not to be humped, but to be obeyed.

I hate that part of having a puppy.  I just want it to be all rainbows and sunny skies, giggles and whisker tickles.

Instead, I'm feeling like Sir Bark-a-Lot, in that he has had to pin the little guy down a FEW times now to show him who's boss.

Well, tomorrow, we pick up another puppy.  This will give him something to hump, bite and dominate.

And perhaps, a little more chaos?

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