Thursday, December 6, 2012

a day in the life ...

The game is, whomever gets to The Countdown first in the morning gets to rip a tab off.  Sometimes it's Papi coming home from a Graveyard shift, sometimes it's me waking up from slumberland.


I usually piddle a little from joy when I get to look at this:


Papi gets a boner when he looks at this:


Then, before I hit the washroom to clean up the mess I made from excitement of getting my braces off, I light The Golden's candle to say good morning and stare at the love we've given him over the past 2 weeks.


I've been writing him love notes and begging him to come show me he is OK.  He finally did last night.

He came bounding through the door of my dream, jumped all over me and I told him I love him so many times.  He kissed me over and over and I woke up with a healed heart.

He's happy, youthful and very, very well.

Then I went back to playing in a band with Keith Urban.  I'm not sure why I dream about that guy so much, but I do.

Anyway, then I stagger to the kitchen to make my coffee, and this is the first thing I see:


Chaos of preparation.

However, there is one cute thing to look at.


You'll have to look really close to see it, but in the depths of this darkness, there is a kitten that goes by the name of The Mrs.  She's decided this is her new home.

She's gonna be pissed when she finds out she has to share it for 8 hours with The Bastard Prince.

After I've fed all the Fuzzy Family, a certain member doesn't want to go outside for his morning tinkle.

This is where he hides, because he actually thinks he's invisible here:


Don't ask me why.

But dammit!  It would sure be nice if the li'l puto used it for it's purpose, instead of me walking him outside in my worst outfits possible and skanky hair to go along with it!

A femme should never have to look that horrible in public!

So, there ya go.

Our Closet.

Our life.

i feel radiantly full of abundant energy and health


  1. this is amazing. 1st...i love love LOVE that the countdown goes from left to right, then down, then right to left, then down, then left to right...2nd...i LOVE the notes to Rocky! when i had to put my old guy Gus down, about a week after he left, i had a dream, and in it, he was the age he had been when he left (a 16 yr old staffordshire bull terrier) and throughout the dream, he got younger and younger, until he was a puppy, and then he was gone! it was so healing. and 3rd...i hope that little nutso chihuahua starts going in the litter for you!
    OH! and enjoy braces off day! can't wait to see pics.
    love you

    1. god if that chihuahua could get his biz done in the box, i'd be soooooo happy.

      i think you had a visit owen! i really believe you did. they are so happy and healthy when they visit. it is so good for our hearts to know they don't have pain or suffering :)

      braces off countdown!!!!!!


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