Monday, December 17, 2012

Canada just took one step back.

So, yesterday, I touched lightly on the legalization of marijuana and how our grotesquely ludicrous Prime Minister is making it easier for gangs to stay in control of this medicinal option.

Our neighbours, the U.S., are getting it together.  They have a few states where it's legal, and for some time, they thought that we were ahead of them.

The tables have turned and Harper has gone the complete opposite direction.

We had a good program for people to get their medicinal cannabis legally, but now that he's all pissy about all us Canadians saying, "Hey, the U.S. is getting it, we want it too!" he's now making it impossible for someone who needs medicinal cannabis to afford it, just to prove he's in control of our country.

People who need medicinal cannabis are usually on disability, or working so little that they're in a much lower tax bracket to begin with.

Still, there went the good people of this country, paying more to get their medicine the legal way, so that they weren't harassed.

Well, I can see now that there are a lot of those same people who are going to be going underground and buying their drugs from some creepy stranger down the road, just to be well.

These pills I'm on work well, but not quite as good as the medicinal cannabis.  They also have side effects that I'm not too keen on, like twitching.

Twitching is soooooo sexy, no?

While I'm talking to someone, there's nothing better than my eye flipping out, making me look like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

You'll know when I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  I don't need a rogue eyelid to tell you.

Then there's my twitching body parts.

It's so much fun when you're on the bus and your arm sorta flails and hits the person next to you, "Sorry 'bout that!"  They just look at me with a bit of that look, "Good g*d, the crazy one sat beside me today."

Oooooh, yeah, it's also great to non-stop be pressing return with my scalawag pinky when it decides to.  How many posts have I written on that I have to continue on another line because of my devilish twitching pinky?!?!

Not to mention, I'm tired.  When I first started these pills, they made me a bit manic and I couldn't stop cleaning.  Papi said, "I think I'm going to call the company and get them to put another side effect on the bottle, 'may induce O.C.D. symptoms of cleaning'."

Well, if you saw my kitchen recently, you'd see that that tide has gone out.  Wayyyyyy out.

It wasn't like that with the medicinal cannabis.  I got a little goofy and giggly at times if I accidentally took too much, and perhaps I had a little more of the 'duh' than usual, but I had energy.

Now, because we want to immigrate to a 3rd world country that is so behind in the times, we can't have cannabis in our system, hence the designer drugs I have to take that are filled with poison that I'll have ween off for a month.

So, here we are going to a 3rd world country, and leaving a 1st world country.

Wouldn't you think that we'd be a bit ahead?  Wouldn't you think that we'd be following the footsteps of our big brother country, the U.S.?

Oh, wait we do!  When it comes to taking away all the programs for seniors, children, abused women and people with disabilities.

Our farcical government can't see that they could use those tax dollars and help Canada get a little more bang for our buck.

Nooooooooo, our laughably senseless Prime Minister is now going the opposite direction.

He's just as bad as Mitt who drove with his dog on top of his car.

Who brings back a panda from China in exchange for selling off our country?

Our absurdly asinine Prime Minister.

Why don't the insane gunmen ever go after these idiotic fools instead of innocent children?

i choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways of looking at this


  1. The bad news is that our marijuana policies are still being decided by the courts, 4 decades after Pierre Trudeau promised to legalize possession of small quantities for personal use.

    The good news is that is that our marijuana policies are still being decided by the courts, which are generally smarter than the Harper government.

    1. i fucking hope the courts will knock some sense into this knob.

      canada needs change. we deserve better for people who need this for medicine.


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