Sunday, December 2, 2012

my, what big balls you have, papi!

Oh, the mischief Papi gets into!  Only this time, he's a hero.

I've told you about The Beast, right?  She, who rendered me homeless with a 'packing party', changing the locks so that I returned 'home' from a 16 hour shift to being 'homeless'?

Her hideous behaviour is no less loathsome than the people who stood on the balcony, barfing out their obscene loyalty to The Beast.  They were looking down at me snickering as if to say, "Ha ha!  Na-na n'na-na!  We fucked you up, bitch!"

Who does that?  Who has that kind of evil in them that they would think this is OK?

Oh yeah!  Right!  The kind that have so much hideous hatred, that they would laugh at my misfortune of being in a wheelchair after the brain injury from my motorcycle accident.

That's who.

Anyway, Papi and I saw one of them at a store today.

Wait!  I have to back up before I tell you the punchline of this story.  Oh, let's see if I can do this in a short version.

The reason The Beast dumped me, was because she was getting back together with her ex-girlfriend.  That's why she made me homeless; to make room for the new relationship.

Now, I feel so sorry for this woman getting caught in the web of The Beast.  She didn't know what she was getting into!

Anyway, they got married after I sued The Beast, and now, the Sweet Ex is now suing her as well!

Oh, but wait!  It gets better!

I've become very close friends with this Sweet Ex.  She is one of the most loving friends I have.  We're so very similar, but then, that makes sense, ya know?  Predators only go after a certain 'type' they know they can abuse.

OK.  I hope I've set up the scene for you.  Let's get back to one of the Balcony Barfers we saw in the store today.

This one tried so very hard not to 'notice' me.  Oh, come on!  Everyone was staring at me because of my ridiculous leg warmers I was wearing.  That and I had my hair out and proud.  I looked like a walking cartoon of a full on femme.

I was most definitely seen and was most definitely avoided.

Papi said to me, "I feel like I need to say you deserve an apology."

I texted the Sweet Ex to giggle with her about the Balcony Barfer experience, and she said, "Oh, Papi should do it!"

We didn't expect it, but as they neared around the corner, Papi did it.

I couldn't believe it!

He just spurted it out like he knew the Balcony Barfer, "You should be ashamed of yourself and for how you all treated her!"

"Excuse me?" was all that could come out of the Balcony Barfer's mouth.

Papi continued, "You should apologize for what you did."

Unfortunately, the Baclony Barfer hasn't grown enough to apologize.  All I got was a shake of the head combined with an, 'Oh, come on!"


I still don't get an apology.  I probably never will.  This clique will stand by their actions as they terrorize the Sweet Ex as well.

Some people can never admit they've been an ass.  If I get an apology, I'm usually more than happy to give someone the benefit of the doubt, because I know how much of an ass I've been in my life and I'm the first to admit it.

Of course, I had to call the Sweet Ex and tell her that Papi is our fearless lion!  We had such a playful time bobbing in Papi's wake!  Nobody ever stands up to these people.  Somehow, to the weak, they're admirable?

Hell no!

Admirable is my hero husband, calling out one of the Balcony Barfers for what they are: a shame.

Indeed, that male transformation is complete.

Papi has big balls.

i forgive every person who has undermined my self-esteem


  1. I am so incredibly proud of Papi and I love you both so much. Your love & support have meant alot! Thank you!

    Sweet Ex!

    1. i adore you my Sweet Ex!

      we have more strength than we know.

  2. Some people will never grow because they never admit fault. Sad. If you can't admit your faults you will never grow beyond.

    1. it feels good to admit when we're wrong. it does actually make my heart feel like it's grown.


  3. That is awesome! You are lucky to have someone to stand up for you now.

  4. Sheep dip! Good for u guys! Did u even need an apology now? I can understand if you did. Recognition of their wrong doing and acknowledgement of your personhood.

    But fark the packing party BS.

    I had to oust someone once. They got a months notice tho. Offers to help move their stuff. Finally a weeks notice before the locks changed. They never came back for their stuff. Over a year later another request via mutual acquaintance to get it from storage.

    1. And still a no show.

      Feels a bit shitty to this day. I really did not want to deal with their bs anymore but I didn't do a heartless ambush on them either.

      Crazy makers make ya feel mad. Lol

      Ps. Yuppers 2 Jamie!

    2. yup to jamie!!!

      it does feel good to get an apology. to know that they acknowledge how much they hurt me.

      that will never leave me. i can't tell you what it felt like to have people pack my belongings and change the locks. it was truly traumatizing.

      yup. a little apology goes a long long way.

  5. If someone tells me they are sorry for something I forgive them right away most of the time. As long as they understand what they are sorry for. I also did say when "She" said excuse me???!! You fucking better apologize to My Wife. So i don't know if that was that nice of me to swear but when she said forget it or whatever she said i was so shocked that she could be so cold and not totally ashamed of her horrible behavior!

    Oh well i believe in Karma and I know the beast has hers all over the place. MWAHAHAHAHHA! To laugh at someone who is in a wheel chair is fucking SICK! She better be lucky i don't see her before we leave!
    signed a peaceful Papi ;-)

    1. you're my fierce protector papi. :)

      i've never had protection before. you're my hero xoxo

      and yup. it looks a bit like karma is already hitting a lot of them. it will get them all in the end.

      you did the right thing.


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