Monday, December 10, 2012

our dead dog's urn.

Can you recognize what this is?

And no, it's not just ANY Xmas decorations.

It's a fancy decorated walker.

G'ma is going to be the most popular old fart in the home.

Seriously!  All those other blue hairs only have decorations on their door.  But our G'ma?

She has a rockin' walker!

Her reaction to her fancy walker?  "You two do such nice things for me."

Melt my heart much?!?!

Papi got in the way, so the Papirazzi was there tonight as well.

Gotta love a pic of Papi's ass!


We had gone out earlier with her to the Old Spaghetti Factory for Papi's birthday dinner.

It's kinda an annual thing.  Always on his birthday.

He loves it there!

Well, this time, we brought along G'ma and a very, very special guest.

It was his first visit to a restaurant.



We sat with our dead dog's urn at the dinner table.

G'ma didn't like it much, "Why are you doing that?  You do such strange things," she said as she shook her head.

I'm sure the li'l lady who helped us will be talking about that one for a while.

After the dinner and decorations were done, Papi and I broke into the old house's yard ...

... wasn't so hard ... it was open ... but i felt badass as i was the lookout in the lane! ...

... and sprinkled The Golden's ashes there in his favourite places in the yard, then went up to his most admired, roll in the mud park and sprinkled it all along the path we'd take.

It was fun for all!

Dead dog and decorated walker included.

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  1. That is some Awsome Zimmer frame wont G'ma scoff all the candy though she has a sweet tooth doesn't she?

    1. oh g'ma will be snacking on the candy as much as possible.

      she's also a cookie monster!


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