Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the torture has begun ...

I look out the window at the trees being weighed down with snow and it echos how I feel.

I am a strong tree, but my branches can be weighed down at times.

No worries.

The snow will melt and I will feel light again.

The Uncle came from one of the nasty snowy areas of the country.

He was looking forward to coming here for nicer weather.

He didn't even bring his gloves or his toque.

Instead, he brought the snow.

It actually only stopped snowing about 30 minutes ago, which was pretty much right after I got home from the bus that got stuck 4 blocks away.

The bus was stuck and the bus driver yelled, "OK!  If everyone moves to the back of the bus, we might get traction!"  She then added in, "And if you are someone who asked for a white Christmas, why don't you just leave the bus right now!"

Buses and cars were stuck everywhere.  We can't handle the snow here in Vancouver.

I have my own struggles with snow.  Never mind vehicles being stuck.  My whole body gets stuck.

Anyway, it's The Uncle's fault that the snow is here.  He brought it.

He also brought his humour.

You see, when we were doing the Great DR Purge (not to be confused with The Great Sewage Flood Purge), I had given him my key for my piano, to be put into the safety deposit box.

There are not too many of these keys around.  My tuner gave it to me years ago.  He just happened to have one for my 1910 Heintzman.

I've held on to that key for years.  It's one of the few things I don't lose.  Why would I!?!?  It belongs to one of my most treasured items!!

Anyway, instead of bringing it to the bank, The Uncle took it all the way to his snowy city of Calgary.

That's when my fears started to set in.

What if he loses it?!?!?  What if he doesn't get the importance of my treasure?!?!

I asked him to mail it.

He didn't.

I almost threatened to come by plane and pick it up myself.  He finally said, "I'll just bring it with me when I come to visit."

Do you know how many months I had to wait?!

So, we picked him up yesterday.  He said to me, "Oh, here's your key!"  He handed me a nice tiny manila package.

Something was wrong.  It didn't feel as chunky as it should.

I opened and pulled out a key, but it wasn't my key!!!!

So I panicked and said, "This is NOT my KEY!!!!!"

I looked to Papi with demon eyes as if to say, "This is all YOUR fault!"  I don't know why it would be his fault, but I blamed him anyway.

Then it came.

The two of them together started giggling and The Uncle fessed up, "I wasn't going to play this joke on you but he said it would be ok," as he pointed his thumb toward the guilty party who was chuckling behind him.

"It's in our safe," Papi assured me.

The Uncle has arrived.

The tag team torture has begun.

i love challenges and embrace them


  1. I like the sound of the Uncle, I would much rather have someone in my life who makes me laugh, my uncle makes me want to kick small animals, he's a complete tit who's never wrong I am in fact slacking in my duties, he is visiting my mum and I generally pop round to give her a break from his tirade, I really cant face it today, my poor mum :( She'll forgive me I'm busy wrapping her prezzies.

    1. not all uncles are created equal. i'm sorry your is nasty.

      mine is as well. my deceased uncle was pretty cool ...

      but this is papi's uncle. the whole family has the jokester gene


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