Saturday, December 15, 2012

the spirits surround me

I'm an angel.

I felt something, that's for sure.

I laid on that table and every cell in my body was buzzing.

My muscles hummed.

Sometimes, when I cry, I cry from the feet up.  I felt like every vessel that has ever felt that pain was healed.

I actually felt like I lifted off the table a few times.


There was something surrounding me that night.

The Soul Activator began by placing her hands on my feet.

She placed them on my stomach, shoulders, head, knees.  I can't tell you what order, but her hands were really just a vessel to allow the spirits to come to me.

They came.

I first felt their energy all around me, like the 'vibration' people talk about.  I understand now.  Just by being open to the possibility of feeling this, they came.

My heart was opened where it felt like it was a flower blooming beyond my chest.

My head was supposed to feel like a light was shining from it.

Forget about that!  My whole head was split open from the amount of light I felt.

They came.

They haven't left, I just have trouble speaking to them and feeling like I did that night.  I yearn for that feeling again.

Please.  Come back to me.  That feeling was like nothing I've ever imagined.  I would like to live in that feeling for the rest of my life, if I could.

She told me I was of the highest spirits.  I was told I am of pink light/spirit.  I need to learn more about that.

When I felt the urge to leave it was because I wanted to fly.  I felt like I would levitate off the table to float like an angel.

I lifted my legs off the table, so light that there was no pain in my back.  I could walk without any pain.  I lifted my arms in a stretch that completely felt like I really did have those wings she told me I have.

I was supposed to wait until I felt like the spirits were finished working on me.

However, I left sooner than I was supposed to.  They would have held me there all night if I let them.  I didn't want the Soul Activator to be held hostage for the evening.

Not to mention, I had to go tell Papi.

He's a believer in g*d and gets very upset if I say I don't believe in anything up there.

I think I understood what I have believed in all this time.

I believe in spirits.

I believe in collective energy.  I believe that if everyone had the opportunity to realize just how connected we are, and if we could all feel this love and support, there wouldn't be massacres here and around the world.

I believe we could change the world.

I met a source that I can believe in.

I was taken to a place that had me laughing in a gratitude of alleviation of any pain I've ever felt, and in tears of joy.

They surrounded me with their translucent light, that emanated from within and around them.  They are bright, illuminating light.

They held hands to encompass me in their strength.

They protect me with their light and I'm amazed at their presence.

I'm told to speak to Mary Magdalene daily, to support their companionship with me.

I am an angel.

Can you see my halo?

the past has no power or hold over me anymore

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