Thursday, December 20, 2012

too bad you're such assholes.

Everything is relative.  Like, for instance, how we in Vancouver react to the snow.

I found particular happiness in this day of pillowy poofs falling from the sky, but only because I was warm and dry.

A few years ago, Papi gave me a pair of Sorel boots.

Initially, Papi laughed at me when I left the house in these boots, because our snow doesn't usually warrant this kind of boot attention, but I assured him, I'm not messing around when it comes to being comfortable in this weather.

I refuse to suffer.  I don't care what I look like.

While waiting at the bus stop, for half an hour for a bus that should come by every 10 minutes, I noticed a woman with shoes on, but no socks or jacket.

It was clear she was mentally ill, by the way she was behaving.  So, I guess she dressed herself.  I was sure she must have been cold.

We can't just assume people want help.  She may have felt insulted if I asked her if I could buy her some socks, and who knows what kind of reaction I might have gotten, so I just watched for a while, hoping to ease into a conversation.

Then she started talking with the woman who was upset about missing her granddaughter's school play, because the bus just wasn't showing up.

She seemed happy enough, so I let it go with gratitude for my warm boots, scarf and coat.  Some people can handle the cold.

Along came a man who didn't speak English very well, but I could understand when he asked me how long the bus would take.

I assured him, "It will be here, it's just going to take a little time and patience.  The streets are a little nasty right now."

Like coincidental clockwork, the moment I said that, a car got stuck on the road in front of our bus stop.  I chuckled and said, "Well, I guess she's not going anywhere!  That's pretty funny!"

Of course I found it funny!  I wasn't the one stuck in the car!  No matter.  The guys behind the lady hopped out of their car and gave her a push.  She was moving in no time and these dudes were granted their karma for the day.

However, the man at the bus stop said, "You think it's funny?"

I had to admit, "Well yeah, kinda," even though my chipper mood was soon to be squelched.

He looked down at his feet, and my eyes followed his.  His feet were absolutely sopped, plus the wet, cold snow was crawling up his jeans towards his knees, no different from a sponge absorbing water.

He was obviously cold.  He replied, "I don't think this is very funny."

I asked him, "Do you not have boots?"  I was hoping he'd just say that he wasn't prepared and didn't put them on this morning.

"No," he said.  He sorta shrugged with a 'you don't get it' chuckle, looking down to the ground, "I'm poor."

I looked at his open jacket, "Well, can you do your jacket up to try to stay warmer?"

"No, my zipper is broken.  It's my only jacket."

I almost cried and offered him my vibrant green, cashmere scarf Papi had bought me at a Xmas past.  I thought he'd look ridiculous in it, but his neck would be warm.  My boots certainly wouldn't fit him.

He giggled at my offer, "No, but thank you."

I discreetly asked him if he was on welfare, and when he said he was, I reminded him that there is available clothing for him and to should ask his social worker for help.

He told me he was actually just on his way to The Salvation Army today to get a coat.

I have always maintained that I would never give a penny to The Salvation Army, because they're almost as hateful as the Wesboro Baptist Church when it comes to their homophobia and lack of spirituality.

At least the bastards can be used by us gays in our own way.  The Salvation Army doesn't have to know if this guy is straight or gay, they will still give him clothing.

I would love to donate to help someone like the man I met yesterday, but I just can't.  I hope he at least gets a jacket that does up, but more importantly, boots for the winter.

I hope for today, you're all dry and warm, no matter what your sexuality is.

i matter, and also what i have to offer this world matters


  1. I just had a massive clearout for local hostels and the homeless, its amazing how much stuff I had at the back of cupboards that never get used so I just gave it all away, it was a statement I read the other day that pushed me to help.
    My dog eats better than some people!
    That one really hit home.

    1. we have so much 'stuff'!!!!!

      i learned this in the sewage flood. there's really nothing like losing everything to know what you really 'need'.

      we don't 'need' STUFF!

      i'm happy to get rid of a ton of it right now too :)

  2. Beautiful post! I wish no one had to go without socks or have wet feet and a jacket that wouldn't close.

    I don't give to the Sally Ann because they are anti-gay, but I don't really feel good about that, because they do help an awful lot of people.

    1. it's really too bad isn't it véronique?!

      i would give to them. i would give every year i see their little buckets, but i just can't b/c of their horrid attitude toward the lgbt community :(

      but like i learned today, there is the church at 320 E. hastings st. that you can send people to. the current pastor is an out gay man who helps everyone.

      everyone. xoxo

  3. This was a really good one!

    I've lived on the street a few times, and most folks who spend any amount of time there have ways to keep warm. It's mostly those with VERY serious mental conditions or end-stage addictions who get into trouble from exposure.

    Of course, I live in Houston, so it's a little easier down here in winter.

    Here's to staying warm...

    1. i wouldn't survive. these folks really needed help. i learned today that there are other places here that i could donate to that are going to help but are not anti-gay.

      one is a gay pastor :)

  4. I will not give to the Salvation Army for the stated reason, but also because they are Christian, and their giving is based on that. I prefer charities who give because I'd others needs. Around here the S.a. Is not even allowed to ring their bells in malls, because of this stance. There are some brilliant local charities that collect by need, and give accordingly.

    1. i am so surprised that they aren't allowed! they were arrested by a woman in the states who couldn't handle the jingle jangle all day lol!!!

      but yes. giving to those that love everyone is the only way to give. it sends better energy as well.


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