Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Introducing, The Galloping Gazelle!

This is The Galloping Gazelle.

He's visiting us for a week.  We're on day one.

He's new to the cat world.

No, I know he's not a cat, nor is he a gazelle.

But he thinks like both.

Well, he decided to take on The Mrs.

The Mrs. is not afraid of dogs, and she will teach him how to behave around a lady.

Unfortunately, like those before him, The Galloping Gazelle just may have to learn the hard way.

However, he thought he'd push his luck and bounded ...

he bounds ... he doesn't run ... imagine a bunny and gazelle mixed in one ...

... toward The Mrs.

What happened next is the part that made me realize he had an unscrupulous ulterior motive when he broke all hell loose and chased cats.

I ran ...

... hehe ran ... you know what i mean ...

... in to break up the kitchen drama.

He listens well, and knowing that he did a 'bad', he bounded back to the couch to my blogging seat.

At this point, I decided to look under the kitchen island to see if The Mrs. was OK about the whole situation.

right ... dream on ...

She was pissed and definitely didn't want my consoling.

"YOU did this to me mom!"

That's when I realized what The Galloping Gazelle's real target was.

My breakfast.

Now, I thought The Bastard Prince was trouble around my food, but The Galloping Gazelle makes The Bastard Prince's  actions seem like child's play!

He's crafty.

And cuddly.

And he makes me laugh.

But back off my breakfast bitch!

I don't share!!!

However, I then realized what I saw in my blogging breakfast.

I found out he's an artist!

He was making an old man's face out of fried eggs!

He wasn't just getting into my food!

His momma taught him to be creative!

of course she did ... momma's a hot li'l leather dyke!

Now I can't stay mad, because he's given me a gift.

Well, I also can't stay mad because I've already shut that bitch of a back up with some Crack Butter, and I'm ready to start my day of composing with a little bit of help from my new BFF: Nyquil.

I'm working on a film score for a cool short.  It's by an up and coming director, James McPhee.

I'm behind a day, because yesterday I slept off the virus.

... i was so sick i didn't even have my coffee!!!!!

 I really have so much to tell you right now, but I'll have to get it out day by day.

With you, my imaginary friend, there will be a new chapter beginning soon ...


  1. Aww sorry about your breakfast! I did warn E that he won't miss a beat when it comes to food ... And he's quick! xo - S.

  2. I want him.

    I don't eat breakfast so it'll be ok.

  3. @the hot li'l leather dyke, oh i know he's quick. i just didn't know HOW quick. i was warned and only turned my back for a second ... holy shit!!!!

    @dirty, you may have a battle with ^^^ the hot li'l leather dyke ... but he's pretty cute eh?

  4. Aww, so gorgeous! It would be impossible to stay mad at that cute lil face. I hope you have a fun week with him. :)

  5. vee, he's a cuddly lover :) with a bad side hehehe

  6. Your breakfast looks like Mr. Bill on a plate! :D
    Tell the Galloping Gazelle he can come visit me anytime.... Give him a hug and kiss for me! ;)

  7. lmao twister! if i was photoshop savvy i'd make it mr. billed for ya!

  8. Something profoundly intense and intelligent are hidden in those eyes.
    What a stunner!

  9. he's a charmer psycho, that's for sure :)

  10. He is totally gorgeous. I want him too. He looks like trouble:) Gotta love that in a pup.

  11. he's such a good foot warmer right now jamie :)

  12. he seriously is so cute ... you should see how high he can jump too :)


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