Sunday, June 9, 2013

i need help.

Your Sunday Sillies YouTube show:

I wish life were as silly as it seems on these videos.

I tend not to tape a lot of the real deal for these videos, but I will start to.  No point in calling it the live version of the blog if it doesn't reflect it, no?

If you're a Facebook friend, I'm stepping away from the toxicity for a week or so, but I'll be back to post next weeks YouTube show.  I need to only speak to close friends right now while I try to get better.

If you're an avid blog reader, you know I can't stay away from getting my emotions out here, so I'll be writing, but there won't be any posting to Facebook for the time being.  You can add me on G+ or Twitter if you want reminders, or feel free to come back on your own accord with your own memory of me here.

... i want to fade away ...

I have great gratitude for my texting system on this computer to get a hold of my baby sister and my Eternal Friend, and I'm adding a few more who have iPhones so that I can have someone to contact when I feel I'm falling again, or when I need to be honest about the thermonuclear meltdown that is Hurricane Andréa.

Fitting, that there is an actual Hurricane Andréa as we speak.

When I have bad energy going on, the whole world gets to experience it.  Sorry about that folks.  I have SOME power, don't I?

Yesterday was the most difficult as I was in panic attack mode for about 6 hours straight.  Hyperventilating, I couldn't walk very far, because my lack of breath stole my strength.

But that didn't stop me from getting to the kitchen.

The day before, cutting my arm stopped my tears.

It didn't work yesterday.  I tried on my leg, but to no avail.

I even went as far as using a serrated knife in hopes that it would go deeper and I would bleed out the pain of tears.

It didn't work.  All it left me with are a bunch of painful cuts and welts.

Papi got a little angry when he saw them.  He hadn't seen the first ones because I wouldn't really let him get close enough to me to see them.

But he grabbed my arm in anger of the realization that I'm a hell of a lot sicker than he thought.

Well Papi, if I have to watch you harm yourself, then you get to watch me harm myself too.

I took more of Papi's clonazepam to stop what felt like lung convulsions, because I came to the conclusion that hurting myself isn't helping matters.

I'll try not to hurt myself anymore.  I just need some peace.

Today, I thought I would water my fruit trees and garden at 8 a.m. without any chance of kids finding me, but Our Favourite was at the gate.

I was able to hide behind the new casita until he got bored and left.  I made the house look like we were not up, but that the dogs were in the yard without us.  Yes, once again I am held hostage in my prison away from the beauty of the outside world.

Even in my tears yesterday he wouldn't leave.  I was crying so hard and he just tugged at my arm wanting my attention.  I said, "No friends today!!!  Today is a very bad day!!"  Which is an understatement.  I am in full throws of the Pit of Doom.

Children don't get it, but at least he didn't see me while I hid behind the casita today.

Papi said he was moving into the casita, then changed his mind.  "Why should I have to?  This is my house too."

Then I found his stash of alcohol he had hidden.  I threw it on the bed and asked for a divorce.

Later, I asked him if he was drinking and using pills because he WANTS me to leave.  "Do YOU want a divorce?"

No he didn't.  So I told him that I would suffer through his drinking, but there were going to have to be some 'rules' in place.

You drink?  You do it outside, never around me.  You are alone or you can knock yourself out with the other alcoholic, Mr. Gummy, in the village.

You are drunk?  Do not bring your stench of musty, rotting, repugnant, day-old alcohol smell into the bed.  It's enough to make me puke.  Sleep elsewhere when you are offensive and fetidly rancid.

You pass out in the pool?  I'll still drag you out, because I love you too much to lose you to death.

You kill yourself from drinking?  I'll pull your dried, brittle bones from the ground and lie in them every night so that I'm never away from you.

I look at the dried blood on my cuts and wish that it were simple enough to bleed out the tears that feel like they flow through my veins.

All I'm left with are welts and scabs.  No relief.  I need some peace in my heart.

I've begged the angels to help me with this, but I'm not feeling like they're responding.  So, could someone please send me yours?

I really need help right now.

i forgive myself for any and all past mistakes


  1. love you, Rea xoxoxo, my first precious little niece xoxoxo

    1. i feel so little that's for sure auntie.

      i love you so much

      i hurt so bad right now.


  2. I got nothing. Other then I feel for you and I realise that it must be extra hard because you're so far away from the support network you probably need right now.

    But it'll get better. Sometimes you gotta get low in order to appreciate the times when you're high. xxx

  3. I will send you my angels Andrea. I am sorry you are in so much pain. Life can suck so bad at times and that is when we just have to put one foot in front of the other till we get to the other side. I just want you to know I am sending lots of love and hugs your way. xoxoxo I know you will make it through this.

    1. things always get better. just have to wait for it.

      i've just lost a lot of faith.

  4. Maybe reflect on the journey? Look at the keywords on your blog alone! You have created an amazing archive of reflections here. It seems that artists goes through lots of low times - perhaps the catalyst for your great writing, music etc.

    1. i believe that is why we are born artists. our gift is given to us to help ease the pain of the life we've been given.

      only problem is, i can't get my damn system to work, or i'd be making a lot of music right now instead of maniacally cleaning the house.

  5. I wish there were something I could do or say. All I do is keep you in my loving kindness meditations every night. Every night.

    1. i sometimes hear you véronique. i sometimes hear you.


  6. Cheeky-Bum KelliJune 11, 2013 at 2:05 AM

    i am so worried about both of you. i'm worried about saying anything, in that it might be the wrong thing.

    i hope you feel some solace knowing that many people care for you and are praying for you...i know at times that helps me.

    a loss in faith is a very serious thing, i had it happen 3 years ago and it was very hard. it's weird that i don't believe in a "higher power" for myself...yet it calms me to know that people who DO believe in one say prayers to it for me.

    please keep writing to us.

    1. kelli, don't be worried about saying anything. i'm sorry if i've ever made you feel that way. i know i can be cantankerous.

      your words mean a lot to me and the energy you, and others, have sent reached all the way here to the DR. for me anyway.

      faith, well, i think i am tested with it continuously and have learned quite quickly how to get it back this time.

      i'm getting better at it.

      the fear for papi? keep praying. i talk to my angels about it too. xoxo


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