Thursday, June 20, 2013

stuck in traffic?

Oh, if you've ever been hard on yourself for falling, you will get this.

If you haven't, well, perhaps you're searching for a better understanding?

Be patient.

You will get your turn.

It's ok to fall and get back up, and anyone who can't handle it is too weak to see what it's like to topple and discover where it takes you.

If people around you can't cope with the honesty that accompanies pain, they obviously haven't succumbed to that experience, and are not worthy of your voice.

I get the message from those who equally show animosity toward us.  Your message is clear.

If you ever really want to know who doesn't like you all that much, and only tolerated you while you were around, move to another country.

It's so much easier to figure out now that we're an ocean away.

Very quickly you'll figure it out who your friends are, and you will fall when you have the knowledge of who truly isn't.

People don't have the possibility of seeing our face 'around' after they've been rude.

So, the snide comments and the lack of friendliness I receive, I understand the words you're not saying, even if you're too afraid to tell to be honest that you're on the hate the Hector-Brown bandwagon.

It's much easier to be inconsiderate than to ask someone what they've experienced.  It takes time and effort to find out what the other half of the story is.

Papi and I good with it.

Our friend pool got quite a bit smaller in a damn hurry, but we got to see what trust really is and what friendship really means.

Someone recently acquired the same treatment we inherited.

They've been left behind by the wolf pack 'community'.

Now they understand where we am coming from.

When you run with the wolves, you get pack treatment and are subject to pack mentality.

The lower in rank you are, well, you will have your turn to be tossed to the side by the almighty alpha, who tells everyone which trail they are 'allowed' to follow and what the 'rules' are.

I choose not to follow the pack.

You know when you take the main route and get stuck in a traffic jam?

Well, those of us who take a different route, rather than following the main road, get more mileage out of our gas, because we're not at a standstill, idling.

It may mean I feel more alone, and sometimes a little scary being on my own on this scenic route, but at least all my decisions are made by me and not the herd.

Not to mention, there's plenty of room to park on my avenue.

But if you choose not to turn off the main vein and continue to sit in the bottleneck, you won't have the liberty of stopping at that coffee shop I chose to take a break at.

You'll be stuck in the blockage of traffic, staring at red, illuminated brake lights, while sitting in congestion.

And I'll tell you, while I'm taking that shortcut, I'm not stuck in the stink and smog of all those who spew their filth into my air.

I sure can breathe well.

There's also so much more to see going my direction.

I hope you find your secret passage, but if you don't, be wary.

When you run out of gas and the gridlock leaves you behind, you will completely understand what I'm talking about.

Good luck finding someone else to help fill your tank.  Everyone will be passing you by to try to catch up to the traffic ahead of you.

If I see you on my stroll, I'll definitely help you out.

I have plenty of fuel to share.

I also have the time to hear your story.

i take great pleasure in my friends, even if disagree or have different lives

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