Saturday, June 22, 2013

i scream, you scream

Oh, how we are armed.

In more ways than one.

Guns, yes.

I even have my cane that has a REALLY sharp, heavy edge to it, plus 2 machetes, a stun gun and a baseball bat.

But mostly, we're thrilled with being girded with baby formula.

Our Fave's Mom sends Little Angel over without anything.

All the time.

No soother.

No food.

No diapers.

So, now that we're finally paid, we went out and got Little Angel some formula, a little bottle and a soother.

Because honestly?

The bellowing yesterday?


We were trying to find anything we could do to stop the li'l critter from his caterwaul but someone put his level on to MAX! before dropping him off.

I could distract him for a mere 20 seconds and he'd be off to the races again.

We were worried people would think we were torturing the poor li'l guy.

We even tried to make it fun by trying to take pictures of us aping his face.

See who could get the best 'screaming baby' face on.

Neither of us came close.

Especially with our gaping teeth hanging out.

But now?

We have formula.


No more high pitched, wailing babies!

Then there was the screeching dog, in which we needed ammunition for as well.

We didn't need to put it out of its misery, but we needed our guns because all the dogs in the village were going crazy and that usually means trouble is abounding.

So, after our gunshot was let off, as was everyone else's in the village, ...

... it seems someone starts the gun shots and everyone follows ...

... we tracked the sound of the dog yowling to help it.

Papi had initially tried to find the dog the first time, but I suppose it kept quiet out of fear for being so defenceless.

However, 2nd time round, we found it.

Little bugger was stuck in the neighbour's gate and people are so used to dogs making noise, nobody came to it's rescue.

It was stuck just like our demon dog, Pathetic Puppy, will do occasionally.

She knows how to wiggle out, but I know one day, she's going to be even larger, and we'll be doing what the village had to do at 10 pm last night; pull the brat out of the fence.

Oh, but this little fuzzy love was nipping and shrieking, doing everything it could to say, "Back off bitches, I'm tough even though I only look like I'm 4 months old.  I'll CUT you!"

I wasn't going near those choppers.


They were sharp.

But eventually, everyone seeing us with the dog and flashlights, not to mention the siren got louder, everyone came to help, and the bravest dog person saved it.

It was released and back went the village, and us, for some quiet time.

Papi and I looked at each other and said, "What a day of chaos it's been."

Scream day in the hood.

All kinds of fun.

i show every being how much i love them, with all verbal and non-verbal ways i can

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