Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing, The Hector-Browns

I suppose we're famous now.

The other day, a friend was with some acquaintances, who brought along another friend.

does that make sense? damn i hope so ... the friend that was brought along didn't know that my friend knew us ... god i think i've made it even more confusing ...

Well, my friend had this little gathering somehow get on to the topic of Papi and I.

It was at that point that someone who has no idea who we really are said, "Oh, you mean 'The Hector-Browns'?" with a forked tongue and a little bit of venom spewing.

I know people say when you're married that you become one, and damn.  We really are.

We are no longer independent human species.

We are one:  The Hector-Browns.

But the point is, we're fucking hated by people who have no idea about what is between the lines of our relationship and feelings toward one another.

I'm ok with this grand title.

You see, I've had pods of lesbians hating me for ridiculous rumours all over the city from the moment I came out of the closet.

It hurt at first, but I soon learned that if you want to have your creativity out in the world, people will love you and people will hate you.

It's polarity.

I actually dealt with cliques from a young age, so I'm used to it.  It doesn't mean anything to me.

Papi, however, has not.

Mind you, my love, had a stint with being hated while being an active drunk.  There was a while where my love really enjoyed getting a rise out of the uber-politically correct.

None-the-less, I really think it's pretty awesome that we are known as The Hector-Browns.

I love giving people titles.  It's easier than remembering names sometimes.

And I'm not talking about pronouns and sexual orientation.

For example: My Person, My boifriend, and now the most recent inductee: The Chef Extraordinaire.

I haven't really mentioned him yet, but damn.  Papi and I were given an amazing 5 course meal by The Chef Extraordinaire.

This was for My Boifriend's last Vancouver meal.

He's gone back to his island.

goddam off topic ... again ... where was i? o ya right ...

Anyway, what I was going to get at was that only a year ago, I was afraid of being hated by the Rah-Rah-TranniesThis left me comatose, but I'm good now, and I'm ready for the people who may fart in our general direction as Papi and I walk down the street.

But honestly, to be given our reigning title was a huge compliment to me.

If my love and I were boring, nobody would even care.

Being disliked so strongly means we're interesting.

So, there ya go.

I'm pretty sure we're famous now.

We are The Hector-Browns.

We are one unit.

Now I will go tend to chores, in our Hector-Brown house and our Hector-Brown Fuzzy Family.

We got a whole lotta love over here.


  1. Well yay for me - I know someone famous.

    I thought I struck gold when a guy who was in Twin Peaks (I kid you not) started following my blog.

    But no, you are my most famous it seems.
    "Oh..the Vancouver Hector-Browns ? Why yes, I know them well..."
    (said with posh UK accent)

    I hope there is a knock on effect of this for your music too - there could well be :)

  2. hehehe ... no press is bad press. i've learned that one too ...

  3. Oh, please, please may I start referring to you as the Hector-Brown's! Love it!

  4. lol! yes, yes you may belle :) i love it too xoxo

  5. HeBros for short?? Love to you as always...F

  6. oops...F is for Fiona, don't know why it shows up as unknown.

  7. Hector-Brown has a nice ring to it. I thought you were already famous! ;)

  8. lol fiona! HeBros is awesome lol!!!

    vee, i always suspected, but now i have proof lol!

  9. perhaps it shold be H-e-R-Bro-w-s to acknowledge the femme half. -Ax

  10. Booyah! I hope you'll remember me when you're in paradise my dear! ;)

  11. LOL, that is awesome. I love it. I will start throwing it around here. Like DUH you DO KNOW about the Hector-Browns. It just sounds so official. Make you famous all over:D

  12. Great post!! I think the HeBros ROCK!!!

  13. @Ax, i love it lol!

    @psycho, i will never ever in a million years forget you ...

    @jamie, thank you for being our press agent!!!

    @extro, i'm growing fond of the HeBros lol!

  14. I really liked your comment, "Being disliked so strongly means we're interesting."....I never looked at the topic of people spewing hate with that filter before, but it truly puts it all into perspective. I mean, really, you hit the nail on the head. Why would someone spew hatred if they didn't have some deep interest in what they have vowed to hate. Otherwise they wouldn't bother, yanno what I'm saying?

    Kinda like that thing the grown-ups used to say to me when some kid was picking on me in grammar school..."They must like you, because if they didn't, they wouldn't even bother with picking on you."

    And well, on a sidebar, I am proud to know the "dreaded Hector-Browns".

  15. T.D., it's FUN to be the dreaded Hector-Browns as long as we don't get death threats from the loons lol!

    and yes.

    the old adage, 'they must like you, because if they didn't they wouldn't even bother with picking you' applies here as well.


    i'm cool with the haters. they are strictly good entertainment.


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