Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jesus lives!!!


I'm pretty sure Jesus is stalking me.

Let's back up for a sec.

Remember the sewage flood and The Great Sewage Flood Purge?

It's been a while since I've been to the attic to see what clothing I have.

Well, if I'm being honest, the brain injury didn't even allow me to know about all that existed up there.

I now have a brand new bunch of dresses to choose from!

The real reason I was up there was to find my winter puffy coat.

Found it!

And guess what I found in the pocket?


Of all the people that could receive this little gem, this agnostic verging on atheist is the last one to actually appreciate this gift.

I'm pretty sure that if I believed in 'God', I would be shouting from the mountain tops that he's sending me messages.


It's just Jesus, and here is my gift:

I thought it was probably the Tranny Terrorist making a funny, but my love assured me he didn't do it.


Who's the one who keeps getting the zealots at the door?

Who's the one who incessantly has to explain to the G'ma that I don't believe in her 'God'?

Who's the agnostic verging on atheist who gets royally pissed when people try to push their beliefs on her?

And who's the one who has Jesus in their pocket?


I don't really get it.

It definitely wasn't G'ma who put this gem in my pocket.  G'ma can't get up the stairs.

g'ma has just left for 3 months!! my blood pressure has resumed normal levels ...

So, there's a mystery in the house, and I'm pretty sure I know who did it.

Yup, it's Jesus, and he's stalking me.

I don't deny that he existed, but I have a hard time believing that he's always hangin' around me.

Though I just have to wonder, who's the devil who keeps taunting me with all this!!??!?!

Hang on!!

Maybe it was the ghost of G'pa.  I occasionally feel him in the house, and apparently he was a real joker.

So there it is!  I just figured it out!!

G'pa has combined forces with Jesus and they're playing games with me.

Papi always says, "I wish you got to meet G'pa."

I have, Papi.

I have, and he's a cheeky bugger.


  1. ohhhh spooky, give that cross to the next jesus talker you meet :) or trash it.

  2. lmao!!! too funny alex :) yeah ... something like that eh? i'll be doing something with it ... not sure what though lol!

  3. I find Christian Mysticism to be a far healthier and more authentic approach to the true meaning of Christianity. A beautiful faith which has become a religion which negates the spiritual. NOT what Jesus intended. As a former Wiccan Andrea, I can just say that it took 10 years of half hearted prayer for Him to reveal Himself to me....and then I stumbled upon a few things that put it all in a new light. I came to see that along the way, things were revealing themselves to me which were an important part of the process. I'll admit, I struggle with the many Christians who would likely to find my beliefs more of the heathen variety, as well as a church which I think Jesus Himself sees as hypocritical, but the struggle is righteous and God knows my heart. Loves. Dawn

  4. That is totally weird. I would start to feel a bit stalked too. I'm with Ale, give it to the next Jesus peddler. Maybe with a suggestion as to what to do with it. Nah, I know it's mean. But I do hate those people who come to MY door to tell me my beliefs are wrong. Yet demand THEY must be heard. I swear, they do not know the meaning of "Not interested". "You are not interested in the day the lion will lie with the lamb?"

    Only way that is gonna happen is if the lamb is digesting.

  5. yeah jamie ... it's so wacky that every zealot of every religion believes THEIR belief is the right one.

    we all have our own way to believe in what we need to, or not.

    everyone's belief should be respected.

    not sure if it ever will. i'm trying to respect their beliefs to, but i don't knock on their door to do it.

    where the fuck did that cross come from?!?!?!?!?

    they got in my house!!!!!


  6. @dawn! i didn't see your comment here right away!

    i appreciate everything you just said. it has been SUCH a journey for my spirituality.

    but thank you for your sweetness

  7. Hey was g'pa catholic. That's a crucifix~a cross with jesus on it. I believe catholics or maybe some devout anglicans carry around crucifixes. This is a clue!

  8. I looked at the title and very nearly didn't open this post, but then I figured as you're the author, Andrea, it would be alright. Personally, I'd burn the crucifix. :)

  9. @belinda, i think g'pa was ... i have yet another clue that you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see!!!

    @vee, yes ... you know me very well hehehe

  10. Apart from mystifying you did it make you laugh ?

    I reckon it was G'pa.
    Which has put me in mind for a blog post about more spooky stuff that's happened to me.

  11. dirty, it was more like an eye rolling, sighing heavily moment ...

    i think it was g'pa too.

    i look forward to hearing YOUR spooky talkes xo


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