Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Brag Blog.

You know, I have wanted to get a few things in here to brag about.

It's important to brag!
The Video

We have to get a few more shots done for the video, but here's some snapshots of the first half of the filming.

i'm so spoooooooky
we're so spoooooooky
The Rings

I recall back in July, my Blogger Friends wanted to see my bling-a-ding-ding, so here ya go!

did i mention i'm a princess?
On my left hand you see my engagement, wedding and our 1 year anniversary rings.

On my right index, you'll see Papi's engagement ring that he outgrew.

"Men don't wear engagement rings," my love had told me.

And that's ok, because I get to wear it hehehehe.

The Amber Ring is an heirloom of the G'ma who let me wear it as an engagement ring while it was being custom made.

Papi had bought a massive ring for me for the engagement proposal and it didn't fit.  Anyway, G'ma still allows me to wear it and I love it so much.

My First Published Article Paycheck

This is the first step in my venture as a writer.

I'm pretty damn proud to have the opportunity for my voice to be heard.  I have received so much acknowledgement from others who love trannies telling me they needed to hear my words.

gimme my money bitches!
Secretly Loves Trannies

I realize now that I'm attracted to transgender people and have not really recognized it for a long time.

It's taken me a while, but I can honestly say that I could wear this t-shirt with pride now.

it's true!

Papi had bought it for me way back in early January '11, but I have not felt that I could wear it, as I was in too much turmoil around the male transformation.

The difficulty in coming to grips with this journey of gender modification have seemingly become more clear.

I don't like the poison of hormones that are in mi esposo's system.

This is the drug that steals my butch.

This is the elixir that magically transforms my love into the male being he feels inside.

I'm really not sure I could wear the Secretly Loves Trannies shirt because of what's on the the back.

ummmmmm ...

This is the other half of the hardest part about this transformation.


Don't like 'em.

to put it mildly...

I would have to be hammered or drugged to get me to go there.

Well, I've been wanting to get my brag list done, and now that's done.

Ahhhhhh ...


  1. You look so good! Wear corsets 24/7, it's stunning!

    Your hair is so awesome and fluffy. :3

    (gonna stop being creepy now)

  2. sam, if i could wear them 24/7 it would be lovely!!!!! b/c it also doubles as a back brace lol!

    look good, feel good, win win!

  3. love the pics you are so beautiful.

  4. alex, thank you so much ... you're so sweet xoxox

  5. YAY proud of you!! Next weekend I have off!!! hint hint

  6. Your pic is bad ass! That amber ring is gorgeous. And paid to write! Go you! Love the tee!

  7. @jenn! thanx :) ooooo ... i'd love to see you soon!!

    @jamie: thanx for the love on my blog of brag!

  8. Andrea, you look gorgeous in that pic! I love your bling too, and it's nice to read your braggings. :) x

  9. thanx vee :) thanx for making it through my braggings :)

  10. WOW! Conragulations!! It looks like you're kicking ass Girl!!

  11. Nice post and congrats on the paycheck! Came here by chance and amused to have done so, all the best with everything.

  12. Love the pic's, great job on the check-o-la and love the ba-ling! I love rings and anything that sparkles!

  13. congratulations on your success great and small. I am eager to see the video.

  14. @rafa, yes, after making this post, i believe i truly am kicking ass :)

    @anansisweb, welcome! thank you for your words xo

    @kim, thank you :) so happy :)

    @drone, thank you and i'm eager to see it as well xo

  15. Okay....the corset pic....pardon my crass and blunt nature (but Fuck it, it's who I am)...

    You look DAYUM good girl!!! *drool*

  16. :) ty T.D. it was sure a fun dress up day. wish i could afford to actually BUY that corset!!!

    got an extra $600 lying around that you don't know what to do with?


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