Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ep. 4 & the ride

It's Sunday.  YouTube show day.  

And if I don't get the video up on a Sunday, send help to the Dominican Republic, because there may be something drastically wrong!!

Like the stove won't work.

But I do have to tell you about our cab rides.

You know how in your cushy life in your 1st world city, you have a cab all to yourself?  And that you just pay for the trip no matter how many people are in the cab?

Not so here.

We still don't have our car.  Every day they say, "Mañana."  Every day.

So, we've resorted to taking the cab.

Now first of all, it's hard to get one, because they're always full.


They're always full, but if they let you in, it means you're sitting on a strangers lap.

So far, I've been lucky in that I've only had to sit on Papi's lap or a woman's lap.

But laps it is.

Yesterday, I felt like a dog.

There we were, us 3 ladies in the front along with the driver Papi in the back with a big lady sitting on his lap and two more ladies with their wares to sell on the beach for the day.

My instinct was that the door wasn't going to hold me, because the door handle didn't really work to let me in to begin with.

So, I held on to that door with all my might, in hopes that if it flew open, I'd at least have something to hold on to so as not to fly into the fields beside us.

I clenched my jaw as my head was hanging out the window.

I closed my eyes to prevent the sand and dirt getting into my contact lens and I felt like a dog.

You know that face they get out the window?

Chin up.

Eyes closed.

Lips flapping.

My ears didn't flap, but dammit if my hair did.

Then the driver pulled a piece of my hair that flew on to his lap and showed me.  I was mortified!!!  "I'm so sorry!!!" I giggled.

He laughed too, but from that point forward I held my hair down so as not to disturb anyone else.

I was also quite grateful I was wearing deodorant, even if I could smell someone in the back didn't have any on.

When we finally do stop to let someone out, it honestly feels like those clowns tumbling out of the car, and you can't believe so many people are crammed in one little Toyota.

You pay per head, not for distance.

We found out we'd been overcharged when an honest cab driver gave us change for our ride yesterday.  Now we learned something new.  Buggers.

It's no different than the cab drivers in Vancouver though.  If you're new to the city, those bastards will drive you around all over the place taking the long way to get more cash out of you.

We're hoping tomorrow is the 'mañana' that we get our car.

Our Psycho Kitty is not so well.  We have to bring him in.

He had surgery the first week we were here, but he's not healing, and he's losing weight and strength.

It seems that we may be losing him.  He didn't last very long here.  We're heart broken.  Truly.

It is a sad day.

Every time we look at his body language, we want to help, but now we have to find a cab that will take us to the vet with our kitty tomorrow.

We'll find a way, even if it is to say goodbye.

all my attitudes are positive now


  1. :( I'm sorry your kitty is not healing. That just sucks all the way around.

    1. it really hurts to see him so bad. i wish we could heal him, but he's just so old and it's his body's choice when to leave. we may just help him get there faster so he doesn't hurt anymore.

  2. I have an 18 year old cat who is going that way. He's has CRF and we're just basically waiting for him to show us when it's time to help him forward too.

    I know life isn't fair and all that, but animals don't live nearly long enough.

    1. no, animals don't live long enough. it's the hardest part of it all :(


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