Sunday, February 24, 2013


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Goddam it's the little things.  Seriously.

I found tahini.

Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me.

It means I'm one step closer to eating on my food plan.

It means that even though I can't steam my veggies yet, I'm still making veggies and brown rice and having my damn tahini sauce that I love so much, giving me an extra boost of iron, calcium and protein.

I have to tweak the sauce recipe a little, because I haven't found wheat free soy sauce, but I'll get there.

Yesterday, I ate massive plates of veggies and brown rice with tahini sauce without any care in the world.  Between the good veggies I'm seeking out and the yoga, I can safely say the Anorexia Monster has flown back to Vancouver.


Looking at the ocean.

That'll heal ya good.

Then there's the freedom to drive our car and get necessities.

Like tahini and Dominican chocolate.

I'm still on the Dominican chocolate.

Life's to short to not eat Dominican chocolate.

I still need to find baking powder so I can make fresh corn meal muffins instead of buying $10 loafs of 15 slices of very thin wheat free bread.

Once I've established the perfect corn meal breakfast muffins, I'll practise making bread out of brown rice using flour I've made from my very own 'ridiculous' Vita-Mix that Papi laughed at me for bringing.

This week, my raised veggie garden gets built.  Then the fun of learning how to grow my own veggies begins.

I also have been able to play my bass for 3 days.  This is making my brain function better.

Like everything else that was in the Sosúa storage, my practise bass caught a little of the mould.  I haven't opened my performing bass yet.  I'll get there.

I boiled the strings, cleaned her off and put WD-40 on every shiny piece possible.

I lovingly stroked them with a wand of a Q-Tip and then lubed up the strings a little too.

This sea air is going to kill all my instruments, but I'm searching for preventative tips and WD-40 is a great one.

Then I played.

Then my heart filled.

Then I remembered why we're here.

Then I realized I no longer sit and watch TV as my entertainment, because I'm free to move around and be active.

Then I realized, that after 4.5 years of struggling through the after effects of my motorcycle accident, I'm finally living.

Then, all the stress, fear, anxiety and culture shock just flew away, being lifted by the ocean air into the mountains, where the leaves from those luscious trees would clean it and recycle it back into clean, positive oxygen.

Music, yoga & healthy food.

Oh!  And Dominican chocolate and coffee.

It's taken a month, but I'm now feeling like I'm at the cusp of living the life I wanted.

I'm living without pain killers.

I'm living without crippling pain.


I am living.

Everything else is just gravy.

i am encouraged by every success


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