Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mr. Extortion was back.

The roosters are crowing.

The sun is shining.

I'm moving from this lying down place to the outside to watch the pool get built.

It's my new TV.

Here's yours: episode 2.

Yesterday, Mr. Extortion showed up in our yard again.

At first I was thinking to myself, "What the fuck are YOU doing in MY fucking yard!?!?!" and was about to ask him such.

Then I remembered I can't take the guy on.  He's corrupt and fucking scary.

But that didn't stop me from having Pissy Face.

My Pissy Face wasn't as covert as Papi would have liked, prompting him to say, "You are looking really upset.  Stop it."

To which I replied, "It's my fucking house and my fucking yard.  I can have any fucking face I want on MY fucking property."

The reason I was mostly angry, was Mr. Extortion just showed up unannounced and was hanging out with our house maid, all best buddy, chatty chatty.

Smiles wide.

You know why?

They both had on beautiful new clothes.

Other than his designer jeans and fancy man top, dude had on a brand new pair of gorgeous white Doc Martins.

Hell.  I can't afford that.

Know why?


So, there they are, all decked out in brand new duds and I'm sitting in an 2nd hand dress that is destroyed by way of her fucking bleach.

They sure looked nice in their new clothes.

Apparently, he was here just to 'make sure nothing NEW was being done'.

They are not the suffering developing world people I thought they were.

Nor are they are ever using Papi or I for any more cash.

Then she crossed the line.

When it was time to talk to our plumber, who is my biggest hero in the world right now, ...

... damn it's nice to have a warm shower again!! ...

... the house maid decided that she would follow Papi in to eavesdrop on their conversation about how much we're being charged for our water to be fixed.

Fortunately, he told Papi he'd tell us tomorrow, so she didn't get the inside scoop.

But damn.

She's really making herself at home here.

She lived here for 11 months while the house sat empty, so she feels like it is hers.

It's not anymore.

And bringing in strangers who's husbands are in jail, not to mention Mr. Extortion is really not cool.

There will be some changes around here, because now I'm so fucking angry that I have no qualms about telling her what I expect out of an employee.

We will never be giving her any more than the money we give her while she's employed.

Which isn't for much longer.

Her family is not our DR Family any longer.

Let me tell you.

I am so angry, that after all was said and done and there was nobody left in our yard, I ate an entire bag of corn chips in seconds flat.

I hate it when I have an angry eating episode, but even more horrible is the fact that I was so nauseas from eating all the crap!!!


So, I got that off my chest.

Now I'm going to go outside and watch the concrete dry.

i let go of my anger so i can see clearly.


  1. OK now I get who Mr Ex is. Hmm. Well I see why you're pissed off.

    Re the clothes. Who knows when he bought them- really. He better respect you while he is there tho. You can always tell him you n she have a lot of work to do. Ask that he come by when she's done for the day. Things are different there but respect is the same everywhere.

    Yeah when people get attached to a place, live in it for a while they can get that - I belong here vibe. I'm territorial myself.

    Seems they have clothes you like.
    Can you : Tell her how sad you are because the few things you had are ruined?

    That: You can't go anywhere or get respect if you don't have decent clothes. (She knows this but if she sees how her actions hurt you, she may try to make good. Relates to you as a person with feelings not an atm)

    Would you: Ask her if she can get you some nice clothes to replace the ones she bleached. W t f not? Worth a try.

    Just don't give her $ for them. Ka-ching

    Hey if people drop over hand them cleaning equipment/ give them jobs to do.

    Have you n Easton been to the housekeeper's house yet?

    Yer pal

    1. AH.. NOW i just read this post (that's me - reverse/ perverse) & didn't realize these people had stolen $$ too! I woulda gone over to their place (ya~! 4REAL!), grabbed my things, barked like a rabid dog if they came too close + threatened em to NEVER DARKEN MY DOOR AGAIN! (but i don't know the total situation) I think Hiyuck here's got some rad suggestions tho...

    2. yeah ... we're a little afraid of what she's capable of now that we know she's best buddies with mr. extortion.


  2. i won't be going to the house maid's, because i don't want the dynamic of friend anymore. business only.

    i told her not to use the bleach in my clothes. it's just a lesson i had to learn that not everyone knows how to wash them. my bad. now she won't do it again.

    i'm not greedy enough to ask to be reimbursed. it was an honest mistake, so i'm letting it go.

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    1. i'm not sure what to say other than thank you for stopping by ... you were almost spam because of the shameless self promotion ;) but you confused me enough with your comment that i just didn't know what to do.

      so you stay.


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