Thursday, February 21, 2013

more than scared. way more.

This could prove to be the scariest day I've had here.

I have to go into town in a 'taxi' alone.

It's one thing to sit on Papi's lap, or be in a car with Papi while I sit on someone else's lap, but by myself is a whole other story.

We have no more time on our archaic, pay as you go 'phones' (circa 1990), and we have to see the lawyer whom I can't call to cancel the plans with, because we have no time on the phones!!!

Then there's the person who is taking us to get our placard for our car.  I can't call to cancel him either.

Lastly, we need to pay the man who's building us 2 new wells, and Papi is sick.

SOMEONE didn't trust me that the water is bad.

Yesterday, they showed us just how bad the water is.

Have you ever seen a septic tank that is full?


Trust me, there's no need.

It will make you gag just as bad as I did.

"Andréééééééa ... come heeeeeeeeere ..." in a tone of Lost Boys 'come out to playyyyyy'.  I should have known by the way they called me.

I strolled up with caution, unsure of what I was about to face.  They were all smiles as they lifted the lid off.

The stench hit me and my gag reflexes kicked in.

Then the sight of sewage piled high to the top of the well was the next wave of nausea that floored me.

I ran away trying to compose myself and everyone thought it was funny.


Real funny.

Make the city slicker sick.


We had to pay some dude with a hose to come and suck it all out, and now we're told the well is much too small for our house, so we're building a 2nd reservoir to take up the slack.

Not to mention a 3rd well for clean water.

I was correct in thinking that we were showering in shit.

Now, Papi has been brushing his teeth with the water for the month we've been here and guess who's got the trots?

Poor thing.

I'm pumping salted lime juice into his body, as much as he grimaces.

However, the point is, now I'm alone in this day of doing the deeds.

I'll ask the well man to drive me to the bank, because I really don't think a li'l gringo femme should be coming back home in a taxi all alone with RD $31,000 pesos in her pocket.

However, that still doesn't change the fact that we need contact with the outside world and we have plans to get a placard via our lawyer.

Someone has to do it.

That someone is the person who isn't currently attached to the toilet.

I'm terrified!!!!!


I'm going to look as homely and unassuming as possible.

Hair back, hat on.

Glasses, no makeup.

Capri pants and a t-shirt that will cover me up best as possible, along with hiking sandals.  No cute little pink sandals with a slightly raised lift to make my calves stand out.



If there is no blog tomorrow, I didn't make it home.

That or the internet isn't working again.

I'll just let you have the drama in your head as to why I'm not here.

It's good for entertainment.

i bet today will be a day to remember.  let us go greet it


  1. People can smell fear love. Fear and Anxiety are useless. The hope is that if we understand the horror of what we imagine might happen. We will be prepared for it. The exact opposite is true. If this is your last day on earth as it may be for any one of us, enjoy the warmth and beauty of your surroundings. You are loved. You are enough. That is all.

    1. i chickened out :( but i still got the job done. i'm going to write about it now :)


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