Friday, April 26, 2013


No time to write today.

I get to go see our new godson the moment he comes out of the oven!!

But I will still do gratitude.

You doing yours?

i know how to manage my schedule

Gratitude List Day 3/10
1. I am grateful for the new little life I get to experience today.
2. I am grateful that when I went to sleep last night, I thought of what I'm grateful for.
3. I am grateful that when Papi fell off the ladder, his injuries weren't worse.
4. I am grateful for the heat to heal my physical pain.
5. I am grateful for this list to heal my emotional pain.
6. I am grateful for friends who support me.
7. I am grateful for our bed that makes my back so much better.
8. I am grateful our repairs are almost done, so that we 'may' be able to relax.
9. I am grateful the puppies didn't completely destroy my retainer when they got it.
10. I am grateful I am feeling so much better.

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