Tuesday, April 2, 2013

perhaps my angels sent me a friend ...

The sweetest day.

I asked my angels for friends here in the Dominican Republic.

I have 4 legged friends, but they never really give advice.  They just supply entertainment, cuddles and occasionally listen.

I have short friends who sing my name as they chase us down the road, toys in hand, but they're not really someone I could sit and chat with about life.  They're not old enough to know how bad life can really get.

I need another woman to confide in.  Someone to trust, who has experienced life on a deep level and can communicate in a spiritual way.

It's hard to trust the women here, because so far, everyone has only asked for money, not friendship.

Even our electrician/plumber said something similar.  I was commenting on how wonderful it is that he is in such high demand here in the Dominican for work!

"You'll be rich!" I said, expressing my pride of all his labour.

He laughed and said, "Yes, but I have a problem.  I have no love.  The women here are not true.  All they want is money.  Not love."

My heart cried for him, and I added him to the list of people I speak to my angels for.

I started thinking of some sweet Canadian girls who may want to move to the Dominican for Mr. Sincere who has been my Spanish teacher extraordinaire.

Like all other people I adore so much, he is a great spirit, deserving of love to share.

Then yesterday was a day that showed possibility.

There is a small soul here, who seems to be much older in spirit than his years of life.

He will speak to you like an adult, even when you have no idea what he's saying.

It sometimes feels bad to say we have a favourite child in the village, but if we're being honest, he is the one.

Yesterday, he showed up to the gate and I did my usual wave of hello, but did my best not to engage in conversation, as Papi and I were trying our best to dig shears out of the trench for our carport door.

My love had dropped them in the hole during his late night DIY capers the night before.

However, Our Favourite kept asking for me to come to the gate.

When I appeared, he was holding out a paper.  I thought perhaps he'd made me some art.  I was about to gush with gratitude, until I found it was something different that would make my heart melt.

It was a little blue envelope, and on the front said, "Para Andréa y esposo."

He beamed as he handed me the envelope addressed to Papi and I.

When I opened it, I found a baby shower invitation.  I figured out what he had said, even though it was in very quick Spanish.

It's his mother who is having a baby.

He was so proud to be having a brother on the way, and I was so happy for him and I could tell he was pleased of my joy.

What he didn't realize, is that I was mostly happy because of the genuine display at a woman including us in her celebration of her new child on the way.

We were so honoured and so grateful.

Part of me is still judgemental and untrusting, because my first instinct was that she only wanted us there for a gift.

However, I'm going to take this opportunity to see if it is indeed a friend.

I'm so excited to have been invited and to have received this gesture of friendship.

I will leave my heart as open as I can to the possibility that this may be genuine.

It's possible.

It lifted my spirits so high, and I beamed as I spoke to Papi about it while we hovered around the pool on floaty seats, eating salad that I had prepared for our dinner.

I said, "Maybe one day, this relaxation will be like this all the time?  And maybe I might have a friend?"

Papi replied, "I think they really like you.  Do you think they actually asked the people who lived here before to come to a baby shower?"

It's possible she wants to be my friend.

Very possible.

people like me because of my upbeat, happy personality

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