Tuesday, April 16, 2013

no rest for the wicked

Perhaps there's a reason why my music studio is taking so long to get built back up.

Perhaps it's because I'd be pissed at how little time I have to actually play.

Yesterday, I was trying to write a blog about how I don't have enough time to do music, when I didn't have enough time to finish writing the blog.

I realized yesterday, that I work 6 days a week now.

I truly am making up for the 4 years I was off from my motorcycle accident.

I am working.  Make no mistake.  This is not the 'semi-retired' vision I had of moving here.

With the exception of Sunday, I am up with my alarm every morning to deal with workers.

On Sunday, I hide from everybody, locking all doors, in hopes that I get some alone time.

My day 'off' from village clique, gossip, and workers.

While everyone is getting drunk on 'g*d's day', I'm busy talking to the angels, thanking them for the quiet time to myself.

Puttering and cooking alone!

It sure would be nice if I could do some music, but I'm too busy catching up on everything on Sundays.

Everyone keeps saying, "It will end," but I'm not sure I believe them.

I have to say, that one day off is sure nice.

I am so happy when Sunday comes.

What I realized yesterday (as I ran around while every worker was calling my name, including once when I THOUGHT I had time to jump in the shower, only to be stopped mid bathroom entrance to come out in my towel to say give me 20 minutes please!!), was that I am ABLE to do all this.

It's a revelation I am amazed at every day!!!

I know that I feel better here, it's just that I didn't realize just HOW much better I would feel.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still the Limping Lesbian, but instead of limping about while all groggy on pain meds, I'm limping about with energy and the ability to do things.

It still hurts, but not enough for morphine.

Yesterday, the Dominican Daddy showed up for his gardening shift with a blood infused gauze on his knee, limping around the yard.

He had been in a motorcycle accident.

I was grateful that the only thing that was really horribly wrong was that he had a piece of his knee skin re-attached in a utilitarian way of shoddily sewn stitches.

Unlike the work done in Canadian hospitals, it was not sewn to look good when it heals, but simply to re-attach what could have been left behind at the scene.

Also, they don't wear helmets here, so he could have been dead, or worse, paraplegic or a brain damaged.

I had to tell him about 7 times that I wanted him not to work, but to go home with pay and heal.

He kept refusing, being the dedicated worker he is, "It's no problem," he would say time and again, but he was obviously in pain.

I almost felt I needed to wrestle the hose out of his hand!

Eventually he agreed, I finished off the rest of the garden watering, and later on we brought him the gift of his very own stash of pain meds.

That should keep him calm in a Pain Med Party for a few days so he just loafs around, forcing him to rest his body and heal.

I remember the pain med days as such.

I couldn't do much more than watch TV and become addicted to so many shows.

Now?  I have one show that I wait all week to watch, 'The Following'.  Oh, it's such a dismally good one.

It will keep me going on the off season of 'Dexter'.  I love me some gore and thrill.

Anyway, I have one show a week, and last night I didn't get to watch it, because the street power was off for 6 hours, and neither our inverters were working.

Papi and I had a nice romantic meal by lamp.

Good thing the gas range still works without electricity.

It made for a really hot sleep without circulating fans, if there was any.  I kept waking up in a pool of wet thinking I was drooling all over my pillow, but it was sweat.

However, the point is, I get so much done!!!

Except music.

i am doing work that i enjoy and find fulfilling


  1. Good thing the gas range still works without electricity.:/errmm hehehe
    my day of rest is a Monday if I'm lucky, I work double shifts on weekends, I've been working for my mum on weekdays, in between trying to do stuff at home, I'm so annoyed I only have one pair of hands.And the hackers got me this weekend so I'm in the middle of a battle with the banks, I could do with lounging around your pool for a week doing bugger all Andrea :) I'm pleased you're well enough not to realise how well you are, if that makes sense, I bet if you spent a couple of weeks back in Canada you'd realise how well you've been feeling.xxx

    1. come lounge kiki ... it would be nice to see SOMEBODY relaxing around here.

      yeah ... not going back to canada. i can't live with that pain.

      emotional pain i've been living with all my life. i will manage.


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