Saturday, April 6, 2013

no turtle please.

So, I tried a new morning routine.

Papi was upset that I start my day with my coffee and blog, because it seems that I don't get enough done around the house.

He doesn't like that my blog takes precedence in the morning.  Today, instead, here's how my 'good morning' went.

~I begin with poop picking up,
~Yard watering,
~Taking care of the plumber who's checking out our water that still seems dirty,
~Trying yet AGAIN to get that fucking washing machine working,
~Feeding the animals at the same time as trying to deal with my local salad vendor who came to the door to bring luscious organic veggies,
~Trying to explain to the guy who wants to buy our machine and comes to the house EVERY DAY that I don't want to sell,
~Dealing with the Housemaid who also tried to tell the guy who wants to buy our machine that we don't want to sell,
~Taking a 20 minute snack break with Our Unadopted Child who cooked me crab for lunch to go along with the papaya I plucked from the tree,
~Dealing with the car mechanic who is desperately trying to get more work done on the car, even though we keep saying less, because we've run out of money,
~Then I tried to get Papi up. 
It didn't work, and I just finished showering.

I've been so busy, and there has been so much trouble with water issues in the house that I haven't showered in days.

Along with dirty clothes because the washer doesn't work, I felt like I was going to morph into the newly laid sod.

So.  I got in the shower and then checked online to see when the bank is open.

Earlier on, Papi had grumbled in his half sleep as I was running around, "Can you check online to see when the bank is open, because if it closes early we'll have to ride the motorcycle in."

I informed him that I haven't even gotten out of my pajamas or eaten breakfast yet, because I haven't stopped running since 8 a.m. and that would be a 'no'.

When I finally got out of the shower and online to check if it was open, I was too late.  Of course it's too late.  We're very close to it being g*d's day, so people have to start drinking.  It's only 1:00, and everything is closing.

People back home just don't seem to get why it's so hard to get anything done here.  Nobody really understands that other than cleaning non-stop because it's so damn dirty here, you get to choose ONE thing a day to do and that's it.

I chose to wash my hair and very dirty body, and now we don't get to go to the bank.

However, if Papi just had've gotten his ass out of bed, then he could have gone, but my love likes to stay up until 4 a.m. and can't get up in the afternoon any earlier than around 2 or 3 p.m.  Then he tries to catch up on everything I couldn't do by myself.

I have clean hair though.  And everyone who's conscious has been fed.

I just know that my usual morning routine would have been much nicer.  A nice positive way to start the day with a coffee and blog.

Today my coffee was being drank while I watered the plants.  Not a bad way to wake up, but now, instead of trying to write about yesterday, I can't remember what happened, because too much time has passed today and the day already feels like it's 10 p.m. because I've done so much.

All I can do is review my day today, because the stress level shot up with my first breath.

Sorry, Papi.  My morning routine will stay as is, because people would probably have liked to have known what happened yesterday instead of the mania I had to deal with today.

Anyway, now I'll just wait patiently for the carpenter to come to make our bed, as his decrepit car broke down somewhere en route and now he's stuck.

Then I'll wait a little more for the street power to come back on so I can do some laundry.  Then I'll clean my dishes with water that is dirty again.

Maybe, just maybe I'll find a moment to relax and have those eggs I didn't get to have this morning.

And maybe Papi will get out of bed and I'll have an adult who speaks English to talk to, rather than Our Favourite who came to my door asking if I'd like to buy a pet turtle today.

Our Favourite was doing everything in his power to convince us that we need a pet turtle he was holding out toward me proudly.

I did everything I could to convince him that the dogs would eat it, considering they already ate a baby crab that was minding it's own business today.

He proceeded to tell me that all I needed was a home for the turtle and it would be fine.

I tried my best to explain that we have no more money and are living off credit cards.

He's a child.  He doesn't get what 'no money' means!!!!  He couldn't understand that this goddam Casa Paraíso needs so many repairs that we're financially finished.

No turtle please.

i accept myself completely as i am


  1. Sounds like you are being run to the ground. I hope you get a chance to rest.

    1. jamie, rest is bedtime. that's pretty much it. and yes, run ragged.

  2. But at least it's all happening in the sunshine.

    And now I am going for a mammoth catch up read xxx

    1. yes, at least i CAN do these things because of the sunshine and i'm not in agony 24-7 :)

  3. all i can say is it sux to have to do everything doesn't it? I mean this in the most loving way possible. I need rest from the 4 years i spent doing everything and i know it sux that you are the only one to communicate in Spanish. I guess i just expected you to take over for at least a few months to do a lot of stuff. It will get better and when I'm not so depressed it will be better but remember how depressed you were..... I just excepted since you are not in as much pain to do stuff you would be able to deal with stuff better. I am exhausted from the last 4 years. Not to say i don't love you and would gladly do it again i just need you to take over here for a while... I am in a fucked up space and need your help! Please know i will help out in a while, i just can't deal with it right now. Love you babe!!! <3

    1. my love, i have no problem taking over. i'm going to try to understand more as long as you try to get better. that's all i ask.

      get better and work for it. if you do that work, i'll happily do this work.

      love you too <3


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