Monday, April 1, 2013

meant for pleasure

Papi set security 7 security cameras up.

He's my super-duper, DIY handyman.

As I write my blog, before the cameras, I would normally look out at the view of the ocean, as it truly is something to be in awe of.

However, lately, there is something much more entertaining to watch.

Old Ghost Face doesn't do too much when we're around, as she's terrified of humans.

She's getting better.

Especially with Papi.

Mi esposo is so loving with her and she really responds well to him.

But still, she's quite reserved when there are beings with 2 legs around.

So, as I tippity-tappity on my keyboard to write a good morning to you, I get to watch her play on camera.

She is prompted by the Jake-a-like to play, and play she does.

Then the others join in and there are tails wagging, hopping, prancing and a good old time to be had by all.

She thinks she has us fooled.

She thinks we only see her as the stoic old guard dog extraordinaire, who is teaching the youngsters how to protect their space.

Yet we can spy on her and see that she definitely is part of the Fuzzy Family, accepted with full hearts.

Today was her first morning eating inside.

She has been coming to the door at feeding time, only to retreat once we get close, but last night, Papi fed her within the doors.

She is making HUGE progress!

Our quest is pretty much accomplished.

We just wanted her to have her last legs of life in a happy place where she can feel trust and be loved.

Even if it's only a little, and we don't know how many months she'll be with us, we've accomplished what we've set out to do.

Our mission was to rescue this poor damaged creature and heal her soul, so that when her angel spirit leaves her body, it can do so knowing she was loved and taken care of.

The other hounds?  Jeeeeezus they're horrible puppies.


And yet, I love them so much.

Especially when new workers come in the yard and are afraid.

Another mission accomplished.

Be afraid!!!

Be VERY afraid!

Spread word that we have terrifying dogs!!!

Even though we all know they're just running up to give people love, I'm good with people thinking they're ferocious beasts.

Anyway, one would think that we have security cameras set up to watch out for bandidos.

I know otherwise.

Right now, I'm watching The Donkey contemplate going for a swim.

I'm keeping a close eye on the Pathetic Puppy, as she strolls around after somehow having gotten a hold of Papi's clonazepam and having a nip at the drugs.

How on earth is she still running around?  She should be sleeping and mellow!

But nooooooooo.

She's wagging, jumping on Old Ghost Face, standing on the patio table and looking for as much mischief as she can find.

As I said.

I know the real reason for the security cameras.

They're really just dog cams.

Meant for pleasure only.

Oh, and to see the workers pull up.

Here we go.

Holiday break is over and work mania begins.

i am very fortunate that the work i do is work i love to do


  1. I am obsessed with the security cameras, 3 more to go :-) It's fun to see what goes around your house especially when we aren't there! I've always wanted a dog cam, this is the closest we will get
    <3 PAPI

    1. i enjoy watching them so much lol! and you hehehehe


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