Friday, March 9, 2012

48 hours.

I really have wonderful things to say about Mount St. Joseph Hospital, but Florence was seriously the highlight of my short, but well taken care of stay.

I don't have much energy to really get much out right now, so I'll give you a synopsis in pictures.

I was pretty excited to get this ball rolling.

I was also pretty enamored by the headwear.  The anaesthesiologist asked if I had big hair under there.  You think?

It was sexy time.

So, of course I needed my documented Angelina moment.

However, I did need a good close up of the Peter Pan Knee High Socks.  How lovely of them to supply for a femme!

Right after the surgery, Papi started taking pictures.  I thought I looked bad in this one.  This was only the beginning.

This was a hospital filled to the gills with religious paraphernalia.  There was even a picture of Jesus holding the arm of a doctor holding a scalpel in and operating room.  It was the first thing you see when you walk into the lobby.

That was a bit creepy.

But Papi had to up the ante with a good old prayer session, complete with crucifix.

Jesus was looking a little skinny at this point.  They should be feeding him a little more.

Well, I ventured to the washroom and saw that there could be some trouble brewing in my face when I saw this. 

But honestly, the most epic moment was when I took off all the face goodies and cleaned my mouth on my own.

Who the hell is this person staring back at me?!?!

There it is folks!  The surgery I've always wanted.  I secretly had a desire to look like a chipmunk.  I fooled you all.

But seriously.

I'm pretty sure she looks a little like Manson.

Well, I wasn't feeling like leading a flock to homicidal tendencies, but damn!  Look at those eyes!

Anyway, the bruising is setting in.  You'll probably get a kick outta that too.


My lips touch today.

i am receiving healing energy into all areas of need.


  1. Well, I save reading your blog nowadays - so I can have a proper read, but clearly I have missed SO much.
    Note to self - don't leave it so long next time.
    Would love to say you're looking good..but..well..that might just be a white lie.

    So anyway I hope you heal fast.
    I'm off for a backwards catch up and will try to resist the temptation to leave 564 comments as you are not at home :)

    feel better soon xxxx

    1. lol! ya. not looking my best right now hehe.

      i'm home now :) so now i get to practise eating without wearing the majority of my food. still haven't perfected it. wow.

  2. Oh *wince*. Makes my memories of wisdom teeth removal make me look like a total wimp. Heal quick.

    1. the took my wisdom at the same time. make even more room for my poor little mouth.

      your teeth are so pretty. i can't wait for them to look like yours :)

  3. Oweee! In no time though, we'll be seeing that beautiful smile of yours!. Sending positive healing energy for a speedy recovery. I hope the coconut milk 'tea' is helping with any discomfort.xo

    1. i'm doing really well with the pain management. my back hurts so much that i can't feel my face hahaha!

      can i still text you sweety?

  4. You are your own cure have a great sense of humour, and I am great believer in the healing power of laughter.
    I am sure you will be looking Gorgeous in no time ..... "chipmunk" lol!

    1. gotta giggle. no point in doing anything else. it will all get better moment by moment :)

      i'm not fond of the chipmunk look lol~

  5. Best of luck with your healing! I think you had a very similar surgery that T did... jaw realignment? The first couple days for him were miserable, but after that it got steadily better. The swelling took almost a month to go away completely! He had chubby lil' baby cheeks for a while. :3

    Take care of yourself and make sure you're eating good things!

    1. a month?!?! nooooo sam!!!!! not what i wanted to hear. but yes! same surgery!

      now that my jaw sits properly, it will take getting used to. it almost feels wrong.

  6. Awwww Andrea - I hope you are better in no time. I am sure you are in good hands with Papi!!! xoxo

    1. twister! so lovely to see your puppy face here :) thank you my dear. yes i'm being tended to. quite well xoxo

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