Saturday, March 31, 2012

zoom! there she goes!

Pain med hangover.

Fucking ouch.

I need pain meds to get rid of the fucking hangover from the pain meds.

Goddammit I hate pills.

I can't take the medicinal marijuana at night because they make me a bit, shall we say, 'creative', and my mind just won't slow down enough to catch some sleep.

But between the jaw pain and the back pain last night I needed to do something to help me sleep through the ouch.

So, today I suffer for sleeping last night.

However, I'm up and getting ready to head out the door.

I get to see two very sweet people today, one of them being My Gratitude Buddy.

So, I have to go get ready and look as pretty as this day will be.

I also gotta get out of this basement before the Dungeon Syndrome kicks in again.

Enjoy your Saturday.  I know I will.

all my relationships are loving and harmonious


  1. hugs, hope you had a good day with your friends ♥

    1. i did have fun alex! it was a lovely day full of good friends xo

  2. It was 4:32 pm ^ when i replied but it says 1:32 pm here. time differences O_o


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