Thursday, March 1, 2012

Caballo! 9-1-1!!

My dearest sweet Papi is my hardest critic when it comes to my blog ...

... next to myself of course ...

... and told me what I wrote yesterday wasn't correct on his part.

Apparently, I get things wrong.

Therefore, I should probably wait to write my blog until the grand poo-bah reads it so I can be given the thumbs up.

But I won't.


I didn't have time to redo what I had done, so it just got deleted.

Anyway, let's recap.  I drove my friend home from surgery from awayyyyy out in Coquitlam.

Probably wasn't the best choice for my back, but I said I'd help my friend and I did.  My bitch of a back will shut the fuck up as soon as today's pain killers set in.

Then I came home and took care of the G'ma.

She's being so good.  I know that when people have Alzheimer's, they go through a happy phase.

I believe this is what we've got here.

She's really not being too demanding, and it really makes for us to want to help her more when she doesn't get mean about what is on her agenda.  It's nice to be around nice people.

For the rest of the afternoon, there were many memories I couldn't shake.

It was the upbringing I had in that neighbourhood I visited earlier in the day yesterday.

I don't have all my memories of that time, they will come back one by one, just like the rest of my memories have been doing.

It's kinda neat in a sick sorta way.

Having your memory bumped for a while means you don't know what you're forgetting.

You can't miss something that you never knew you had.  With the lack of memory, I never know what memories have been blown into oblivion.

However, when those memories return, they're a bit like watching a movie of your past.

The twinkling of neurotransmitters can almost be felt firing, in an effort to show you the pictures in your mind.

One of the best memories?

We lived across the street from Moore's Poultry when I was a short person.  I remember paying 10ç for a horse ride.  My friends and I would go every day we could.

They would let us ride them around our neighbourhood.

After my horse visit, I'd play with the pigs.

It was an acre of lovely land for these creatures, full of lush trees to shelter them from the sun, beautiful green grass for them to nibble on, and the best part was that I could simply cross the street to bring the big equestrian oafs their treats.

Once, one of the horses came to my house to visit me!

My mom is not really a fan of anything with four legs.  So she called the cops.

The conversation went something like this:
Mom: Yes, hello?!?!? (you have to really envision the panicked 'mom' voice) There's a horse in my yard!!!!
9-1-1: A horse, ma'am?
Mom: Yes!!!!!
9-1-1: I'm not sure why you're calling us about that.
Mom: Well, I'm afraid for our safety and the kids!!!!!!
9-1-1: Ma'am, the horse will probably just get bored and leave.  There's nothing we can really do about this.  It's not our job.
Horse left.

Mom breathed breathed again.

But I was so proud that my horse friend knew where to find me.

And I was so grateful to relive this memory.

i choose love, joy and freedom, and open my heart to allow wonderful things to flow into my life


  1. Hahaha, awesome memory. And makes me giggle at your madre's reaction. It's the difficult memories that I am afraid of myself....but the beauty is, they are just memories, and you are not going through it again, you are not in that moment again.....merely just watching it like a horror movie in the theatre....and when it is done, you leave and go back to your life...thinking it was the worst 8 bucks you spent of your life. :)

    1. hehe ... she's riddled with anxiety. where do you think i got it from?! lol!

      you should have seen her reaction the first time she actually got to witness my knee dislocating.

      she looked in the phone book under 'A' for ambulance lmao!

      she doesn't do well under stress.

  2. wow I would love a horse to ride and one to visit me. That was a happy memory for you, thanks for sharing it ♥

    1. it was really something special :) they would also wait at their fence across the street from me. they knew if they waited long enough i'd bring them treats :)


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