Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ooh, that smell!

Someone smells.

It's not the dog.

I haven't actually changed since I got back from the hospital.

Just one big pajama week.

However, I'm beginning to offend myself.

I just lifted my arm to pet The Golden, and caught a whiff of catastrophe.

Seriously though?

Do I really care that my dearest Papi can smell me from 5 feet away now?

Normally, I would.

Even though my love has seen me at my previous worst, this one tops all worsts of worsts.

I'm not looking or smelling my best.

If my pungent odor isn't super hot and attractive, I'm also a living chipmunk with great yellow bruised cheeks, and bad breath that now rivals Sir Bark-A-Lot.


I mean really, if I was concerned about being attractive during healing from jaw surgery, then I'd change.

But right now?

I don't really give a shit.

I mean really!

I've got coconut ice cream drizzled all over my clothes, and yes, that includes my socks, and there's something that looks like a rat living on my head.

Bad hair day like you've never seen it.

Anyway, just thought I'd come tell 'you', my imaginary friend, what's on my mind.

I suppose now I'll drift off into another sleep.

I'm actually surprised my brain has allowed me to spit this much out.

What I'm happy about now, is that I'm done all my antibiotics.  Now I am not forced to eat anything while digesting these little demons.

Eating is more of a bother than I have ever experienced.

So, fuck it.

In this case, food is way over rated.

I'll just sit here all stinky.

 i treat my body with respect


  1. You are funny Andrea but a photo would have topped that post off a treat I'm thinking along the lines of a of worzel gummage google him and have a laugh!

  2. You'll feel back to normal soon, I'm sure. Good on the antibiotics being done. I hate having to eat when I feel like shit.

    1. i know. it's not fair. i always feel like eating, but if i don't, then i shouldn't be forced ya know?

      anyway, tonight is definitely better than yesterday. even tomorrow should be better than today. xoxo

  3. as much as I know you are not feeling well - this post made me chuckle. I remember having gum graft surgery and since I couldn't brush for 2 weeks and had rotting gum tissue in my mouth - I called myself Dragon's Breath. No close talking that's for sure...and I sense you smell sweet like coconut ice cream! xo

    1. o man ... i call it buffalo breath.

      the stench of a buffalo who's been in the rain too long.

      i think only my ice cream covered socks smelled like coconut. the rest of me? yikes!

      i changed my clothes after this post lol!


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