Saturday, March 3, 2012

man hater?

Feel free to talk to me today.

I'm not feeling homicidal anymore.

But I am a little cranky at something someone said today.

Why is it that just because a woman is a lesbian, they are automatically deemed a man hater?

I'm just a people hater.

That is, of course, only with creepy people.

Male, female or trans.

And yes, this guy falls under the category of unpleasant.

It's not that I don't have anything to base it on.

He ogles.

Really disgustingly.

Not to mention, I witnessed him picking up a hooker.

That's right, he's a gross, repulsive john.

So, just because Sir Bark-A-Lot gave his best, 'Get outta my fucking house!!' bark he could, doesn't mean that I trained him that way.


This person actually said, "C'mon!  You can't train a dog to hate men too!"


Listen creepoid.  He just knows you're no good.

I didn't feel the need to tell him that Sir Bark-A-Lot even barks at my closest friends, including My Gratitude Buddy!

The sweetest butch on the planet even gets the rude 'Get outta my fucking house' barks.

He's just very bad-mannered.

Normally I would do my best to continue with the 'Please don't bark like that' training, but today, I figured the more I allowed him to yap, the less time this repugnant person would want to spend in my house.

Covering myself up with baggy sweatpants and a frumpy sweatshirt was my best option to hide from his leers.

It was successful.

Thank you oh yappy one.

You made my day.

Now I have to go fill my space with positive, loving energy.

Perhaps a little incense to wash away the air of your being in my presence?


Now that I've got that out of my system, I feel much better.

Onward, ho!

i accept my inner beauty and feel it radiate from me


  1. I'm a dude, and I'm a total man-hater. Jus sayin'

    1. thanx for your vote of confidence rafa! lol!

      i just hate assholes.

  2. haha way to go, Sir Bark a Lot, you did give him treats I hope :)

  3. Yup.

    The idea that I hate everyone that I don't want to have sex with is an absurd notion.

    Especially when you consider that there are a number of people that I have wanted to have sex with who I absolutely loathed.

    1. i'm an equal hater.

      i don't care what gender you are. if you're an asshole to me, i'm not going to like you very mch :)

    2. *much not mch. i'm not a 12 year old text typer hehe


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