Saturday, August 25, 2012


Had to make a quick speech last night for Queer Arts Festival.

I have some bastard virus and a fucked up bitch of a back.

I was tired from the evil pills I have to take for this level of pain.

I didn't shine.

I didn't sparkle.

I don't think I even smiled.

What have I become?!?!?!

That is not performing Andréa!!!

It was so sad to walk off the stage and realize I just went through the motions.

At least I did it.


I can't have a redo when I'm better.

Really, I slept all day, woke up at 8 pm, threw my locks into an elastic noose and plastered make up on in the car.

Someone still told me I looked really pale.

Not performing Andréa.

Then I got home, took it all off and slept for another 10 hours.

Sound boring?

It is.

So I won't torture you with anymore of this silliness.

I'm going to go sweat now.


i am healthy


  1. Aww... just got back from a bout with some icky virus myself. Get well sweetie!

    1. aw ... glad you're done with it. i hope i'm done with it soon. a little ginger tea from my love and i should be feeling better soon.



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