Thursday, August 23, 2012

Papi and His House.

I'm not sure if I told you the Papi and his house story.

Well, my love has never moved.

Ok.  Once.  For a girlfriend.  However, he didn't really move, he just kinda moved in and left everything he owned at this here crib.

Really, that's more like a 6 month sleep over.

Anyway, mi esposo was born in this castle, and every other relationship he's had has moved in here with him, the G'ma & G'pa and the Fuzzy Family.

You see, at the ripe age of the double digit 10, my love's mother passed away from cancer.

It was at that point that G'ma and G'pa took care of the orphan, as Papi's father was not in the picture.

That's a long story that one.  No time to go there.  Having said that, my love is now 'sorta' in contact with his bio-father.

Never-the-less, Papi was an orphan at the age of 10.

That meant he wasn't moving out of this dwelling.  He was now staying put until it was time for him to leave the nest.

Yeah.  He flew for 6 months, then he was back.

It was shortly after that, that his G'pa got sick and Papi was a helper to take care of him.

Once G'pa passed away, he was here to help with G'ma, as G'ma didn't have a license anymore and needed the support.

Here he stayed. 

Then I came.

I said, "Ok.  Listen.  I vowed I would never live in a basement again, so I'm giving G'ma a few years of us taking care of her, then I have to move out of the black hole."

4 years and one Dungeon Syndrome later, here we are.

So, Papi has never moved.

It's pretty funny and a little hard for me to believe.  I've moved more times than I can even count anymore.

I could count them before the motorcycle accident, but now, well, it's sorta a blur of being a transient and considering it 'normal'.

Prior to this crash pad, the longest stability I ever had was from kindergarten to grade 5.

I'm a professional mover.

Nothing really stresses me out about moving, and I feel like this is my department.

My poor Papi has no idea what to do first.

Not to mention, he doesn't get the concept of a small space, because he's lived in quite the amazingly generous abode for his whole life.

He really believes that our full length leather couch is going to fit into Our Closet (aka temporary home #3) of 454 sq. ft.

He also believes that both his gargantuan televisions are going to fit.

Yeah, maybe in the tub!

One thing he hopped to quickly was getting our TV and internet set up in the new address PRONTO!!!!!!

He knew to do that.

But seriously.  He's never moved.

Have you ever heard of anything such as this?

Is it just me who thinks it's the craziest story I've ever heard?  Is it just because I moved SO MUCH that MY reality is all relative and I think it's nuts?

Maybe my life is the one that's a bit like a feral gypsy, but I can't help but think it's so bizarre that this is Papi's first move.

Yesterday, I just taught him about a change of address.

He thought it was a great idea, until he found out how much it costs.

Oh, it's a brave new world my love!

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  1. Even just when I was living with my folks, we moved three times. Never really a homestead. And since I've been living on my own, like you, I've moved more times than I can count. Heck, I moved across a continent and an international boundary! I have a feeling that these days, what you and I have done is more common than what Papi has (not) done.

    Adventures for Papi. :)

    1. so glad it's not just me who thinks it's nuts.



  2. I was surprised when I read your gratitude list that Papi had never moved before. I, like you, have been a serial mover, moving 8 times since I left for Italy in 2009. This will most certainly be a new experience for Papi, one that I hope he enjoys the ride :)

    1. he'll remember this one forever.

      and the 454 sq. ft. hehehe

  3. Moving has had me panicked and anxious and so upset and stressed. i don't like it one bit so I hope you know we will buy one house and live in it forever my darling :->

    1. you know what? i'm totally good with that. i would like to break my record of 6 years :)

  4. Just remember one thing - TVs and tubs don't mix! ;)

    1. i just thought about why that is. that's terrifying. no tvs in the tub lol!

  5. Mind Twister is back? I missed yah!

    Anyway, I can not imagine a non-mover. I am not a professional mover that you are. Man, you're a class act in moving, but, "moving" for non-movers is a major traumatic experience! Hold his hands, he would need your skills and experience! Think it's kinda cute.

    1. yeah twister is! i've got twister's blog on the 'read these' section of my blog page ... yup! back!

      i only understand the movers lol!

      helping papi best i can :) good thing there's nothing to move lol!

  6. I have moved about 40 times in my adult life - pretty much a pro. Glad he's got your experience to help him through it...

    I don't get stressed about moves, either, but it's a huge deal for a lot of folks.

    Also, that sofa will definitely not fit. The loveseat? Maybe. LOL


    1. LMFAO!!!!! so nice to see 'your new landlord' on here.

      maybe you could shake some sense into papi. that couch is a no go, but he's sticking to his guns hahaha!!!

      god you cracked me up with this :)



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