Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Queer as Fuck!

As we prepare meals for the Fuzzy Family, we stand in our kitchen of temporary home #1 and realize that this room is probably about the same space as our living room and kitchen put together in Our Closet.

It occurred to us that we're going to be wading through four legged fiends to get to the bathroom.

454 sq. ft. is crazy!  If Papi and I don't fight in this tiny place, then damn, we can live anywhere!

I'm going to be without a dishwasher as well.

Good god.  That will be the most frightening part.

Did you know I make every meal from scratch?  This creates a lot of mess in my kitchen.

Papi doesn't have to worry about that part.

He's on a special diet of McDonald's for breakfast, Quizno's for lunch and Tim Horton's for dinner.  He chases those down with a muffin occasionally.

That and his pop.

He'll be responsible for bringing out his fast food garbage I guess.  He'll be doing that while I'm cleaning the kitchen.

It's about to make me want to purge even more.

I swear to god, I've never had so little to move in my life, thanks to The Great DR Purge.  We have nothing.

I couldn't believe it, when we went to the attic to organize what we have to put in my baby sister's storage, and it only took 15 minutes to prepare.

To be honest, the anxiety that comes with 'stuff' never occurred to me, because I've lived the life of a hoarder since I was taught to do so by my grandparents who survived the depression.

Keep EVERYTHING!!  Good god man!!!  You never know when you'll need it!!

This was my way of living.

So, when I found out that I had won a gift from Queer Arts Festival, I felt that I was uncomfortable with something more coming to our home.

That reaction really surprised me.

I realized that I'm actually stopping the packrat mentality!

Anyway, here's what I missed out on:

I won the 'Queer As Fuck Award' for all the volunteering I do for them every week for 4 hours!

When I was offered a ride to temporary home #2 by Papi, I skipped out of the award festivities and took my ride to the other side of the pond.

I left that night before the awards were given out, because I never get awards and didn't think I'd be missing out on anything personally.

Then I found out what they'd given me, because they took a video of it and sent it to me!!!

They gave me a gift that I appreciated immensely, only it doesn't go to me.

They gave a family in Haiti a goat, in my name, and a super duper dog tag to wear around my neck, with my award engraved upon it.

I just about cried while I watched this.

Then, being true to my personality, I berated myself for not being there to accept such a great moment.

... stupid! stupid! stupid! she says ... fuck! she's so mean!! ...

However, I probably would have cried in front of the whole audience, and cleaning up that mess is just nasty.

People may have thought I was bipolar and called the authorities.

... does this blog make me sound BPD? ...

Anyway, this was probably one of the greatest awards I've received, and for my 'rough around the edges friends' to know me so well, to give a family the goat they need, well, that made my year.

I'm so fucking grateful and proud.

 i am somebody, and i count


  1. You should be proud! Good for you! Queer as Fuck -- gotta love that. :) And very very VERY cool that they sent a goat to a family that needs it. Goats are excellent!

    1. thank you véronique!

      i want so badly to be able to give a goat to every family in haiti!!!

      at least i got one to a family. one family gets a goat because of me.

      that makes me so happy xoxoxo

  2. Queer ASS Fuck award! Wowsza. That's cool. Oh... As Fuck- only one s. Haha. Kidding. Great u got recognized. That's a lot of quality volunqueering on your part. The goat donation is a damn fine thing. Why can't the golden globes do something like that instead of those redonkulous grab bags?
    Some daze I want to quit my job and go work for Habitat or the Cross or Drs Without.
    -c. Huckle

  3. PS re dishwashing. can't u line up the critters to form a four-legged, licking station?

    1. yeah ... our fuzzy family are lazy asses.

      they wouldn't even lick a dish.

  4. Congratulations sweetie! Please accept that you are amazing and extraordinary. It's about time I bitch slap you to accept that! It's a totally cool award and prize!

    I just can't come to grips with Papi's daily diet. Seriously?

    1. yeah papi's diet ... seriously. today's menu includes cheezies.

      as for me ... i'm slowly coming to terms with how others think of me :) workin' it baby!


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