Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's In a Name?

When Papi was looking for a name that he felt suited him better than the Über Femme name he was given at birth, we searched high and low!

The funniest part was where I discovered his name.

I was rewiring my brain after the head injury from the motorcycle accident, with a game on Luminosity.

They had people in a café and I had to remember their names and orders. 

It was pretty cool and I recommend it for everyone!  Not just those of us who landed on their head after being tossed 15 ft. going 50km on a motorcycle.

Anyway, I came across a name I thought would be perfect for mi esposo and he liked it too, and blammo!  A new name was given.

We didn't look into what or where this name would have come from, instead, Papi just went with it.

Well yesterday, a lovely friend of ours posted THIS on Papi's Facebook wall and linked me in.  It's a priceless account of people who have mi esposo's name.

So, let's dissect this shall we?
1. Drive a Jeep, Volkswagon, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, or Land Rover.
Papi WANTS a Land Rover.  But such is the life of a champagne tongue on a beer budget.  He gets an Xterra.
2. Own a house costing at least 1 mil. 
Does this include part ownership with The Uncle and the G'ma?  Then yup.  It fits.
3. Listen to Dave Matthews or some jam band. 
Nope.  Sorry.  He never has, and besides, I swayed my love's tastes into redneck country music.
4. Be able to drive over 60mph on 10 foot wide roads. 
Did you read yesterday?  Yes.  100%.
5. Have Mexicans do landscaping.
Well, I've never come out and asked if our gardener is Canadian or not, because I don't care.  Maybe I should have asked him to show proof of citizenship when he last did our yard?  Would it be ok if he was from Spain?

And furthermore, do Dominican people count?  We'll have gardeners to help get us started when we actually get to live our dream, but it really doesn't matter what nationality these fine folks are.  There may be someone there from Germany who can do the deed!

Whatever.  We'll have landscapers no matter what colour they are.  As long as they can barter and teach me something new.
6. Drink excessively or do some form of drugs.
Do I really need to rehash those 2 weeks?

Anyway, I found it very interesting to read all of this and only have one that we could say 'no' to.

You'd think with all the similarities that he had that he should have been given that name from the get go!

However, having been born with female parts, his mom gave him a frilly female name.

It has never really suited him.  Just like when someone saw my love in a picture with breasts and said that they didn't suit Papi either.

But this name is more than just a name now!  It was like it found US!

I had to check out my first name.

Once, I googled my maiden name and found a dog doing nasty things to a lady.  That was a bit traumatizing.

None-the-less, in the Urban Dictionary, there are many new ways to think of words we come across every day, not to mention, names.

Here's mine:
A gorgeous lady that one of a kind, the most rare female on the face of the earth; the kind that every guy dreams about. She is confident, honest, loyal, protective of what she has, strong, artistic, beautiful inside and out, excellent lover. A tower of strength for those she cares for, the rock to her family. She is a person you can depend on, just don't go too far in crossing lines with her or those she loves. Or else you better run and get out of her way...because she will come out and get you.
Ooooooh!  I like it!

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