Thursday, August 2, 2012

no, no, no, no, NO!!!!

This stress is too much sometimes.

We had our first open house yesterday.  What came next may sound really good, but at the same time, it's problematic.

We didn't really expect the response, but 5 people are interested, which means we'll be homeless soon.

That's where the trouble comes in.

We have nowhere to go with our 5 animals yet.

If you're not from Canada, sometimes, you may think we live in igloos.

Well, we might be living in an igloo.

Ok.  Not quite an igloo, but we do have a place to go to that is free: Bum-fuck-nowhere with The Uncle.

Nova Scotia.

compliments of wikipedia
See that little red island off the coast of Canada?  Colder than cold.

This is where people go to retire, not start a new life, because there's nothing there.

This is where my piano will be living.

So, we could move to my personal version of hell, or waste all our money sticking around a city that is way too expensive.

It won't take long to get super broke, super fast, in this way beyond our means city of Vancouver.

I'm quite a bit less than impressed.

While Papi was driving around with 5 animals in the car yesterday, listening to either panicked panting from dogs, yowling death screams from cats or hyperventilating from me, ...

... thank you ptsd ...

... neither of us knew that we'd come home to this news.

It's too soon!  We're going to be homeless!  With 5 animals!

Fuck.  This is a bit warped and wacky.

Ahem.  Hello!!!  Our dream is the Dominican Republic.  Not fucking iceland.

Nothing against Iceland.  I'm sure they're a beautiful country.  I'm talking ice-land.

Brr-fucking-chill.  But it's free.

... yeah ... there's a reason ...

I suppose it's ok, because there won't be any distractions and maybe we'll get some rest.

Oh.  Speaking of no rest for the wicked, there was an 'issue' with the pussies.

One of them now has a black eye, that could have easily been a loss of it.

Psycho Kitty took a bit of a beating from The Bastard Prince.

I actually thought it would have been the other way around, but nope.

Psycho Kitty had blood flowing out of his eye at 3:30 a.m., and I thought that we now had 2 one-eyed Fuzzy Family members.

We cleaned him up a bit and found it was cut on the eyelid, only millimetres away from actually hitting his eyeball.

So, he has a bit of a swollen black eye right now and is looking a bit droopy in the lid.

However, I am now armed with spray bottles in every doorway entry.

Fuck I hope this is was the fight that ends the battle.

Do I sound like my mind is blown yet?  I'm pretty sure I'm ready for that straight jacket.

And this is the journey.

my future looks great


  1. It's all happening Now Andrea, I hope everything falls into place for

    1. it's insanity kiki! and if you knew where we were going next, you'd understand the panic! just ask jamie down below!!

  2. Holy Shit Andrea! You are on a wild ride! You just hang on... You WILL get there..... xoxo

  3. Cape Breton is really not that cold. Beautiful. Nice during the summer. Warmer than here during the winter. Snow melts between snowfalls. Fall there is about the most beautiful sight in the world. It's not all bad. Though not very accepting of alternative lifestyles. Kinda old fashioned.

    1. you know, i've never paid any attention to that side of the country lol!

      i'll have to see how far away from cape breton we'd be ... b/c thinking of being in brrr fucking chill for the winter does not please me :)

      thanx for the info! i'll check it out now!

  4. People won't think of us as alternative lifestyles because A is now straight :-> MWAHAHAHAHHAA

    1. papi, you're such a mean one.

      beatings later.

    2. I forgot about that. You are right:)


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