Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm baaa-aaack!

There they were, with my entire blog printed out.

... hey ... thanks for the page hits ... you just helped me move up the google-sphere ...

I wasn't about to print it out.  That's too much waste on printer ink and trees.  However, I did go through and jot down notes.

After they brought out the MASSIVE binder with all my blogs highlighted, we took a break, and my lawyer discretely asked me, "Do you really enjoy writing your blog?"

I told him, "What I get out of it is that every time I write, I find someone who has felt the same.  It makes me feel less alone in the world, especially because I have readers from here to Russia."

His response was accompanied by shaking of his head, "Putting all that stuff out there about yourself.  I just couldn't do it."

No, but you're not me.  I am a different bird from a different cookie cutter.

Anyway, it's all over.

No more people following me with cameras down the corridor of the SeaBus, or slow moving cars stalking me with their silly tinted windows.

... you weren't very covert ... but did you like my fancy outfit i was wearing?  i looked pretty while i limped down the street ...

No more fucking appointments with people who hurt me by poking and prodding.

No more psych evaluations telling me I'm nuts.  I already know.  I don't need confirmation.

No more forms to fill out, which consequently means no more family doctor swearing at me.

Oh, wait, that's wrong.  I still need to fill forms out for disability.  I'll bring my doc flowers for the past and bring her more when the rest is done.

Anyway, it's wonderful that that part of my journey is done and we settled in enough comfort that we don't have to go to trial.

Instead of trial, we're getting ready to get the hell out of this city, which grows colder every day, causing my bitch of a back to seize all the more.

We're now on the 2nd phase of The Great DR Purge.

We almost have all our finances in order, so the next steps are waiting to see if The Golden is going to make it.

He's on some good drugs now!  I think we may be able to bring him!!

We also have to wait for my braces to get off.  That's another couple of months.  Ugh.  Let's go teeth!  Paradise awaits!

Then there's the 97 year old G'ma.  We're not quite ready to leave her yet.

So, the steps are in place and once they're all walked through, we go.

The relief of knowing there's a light at the end of the tunnel is amazingly revitalizing.

The thought that I'll be in the warm, where I feel less pain is exhilarating.

That brilliant glowing light burns brighter and brighter with every day that passes.

Soon, very soon, I will be in less pain and I will begin my life the way it is intended.

I will do more than lie around on pain killers waiting for the ouch to leave.

I will take this bitch of a back to the ocean and heal it.

Every day, floating on the salt water that heals my afflictions.

Every day, walking in the sun, for more than the 4 blocks I can do here in the city of brrrrrrr.

Every day, eating fresh foods that we grow on our own, straight from the veggie garden.

Every beautiful, gorgeous, living day.

And now, I have to go move my poor piano into storage.  She has to sit there until my baby sister comes back in a year to rescue her.

My gorgeous piano.  It will be one of the things I miss about being here in the cold and pain.

And my friends.  I'm starting to feel the sadness there already.

Oh man!  I still want to be able to find my brother before I go too!

So much to do.

every day is a new day to start fresh

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