Friday, September 14, 2012

welcome to the jungle


So, I know it's a little different living in the condensed area of the city, but damn.

We've got this building next door to Our Closet that is half of our view.

The other half of our view is a school yard.

Damn those brats are loud!!

However, it really is sweet to hear the screams and giggles.

Anyway, the building to the west of us is not so sweet.

It's got a lovely area of brick, which is nice, but then there's this aluminum siding.

Not like the pretty aluminum siding you buy from the fancy stores.


Aluminum, as in great gads of sheets of it, plastered on the exterior walls.

Then there's the windows.

I assumed those windows were for the washrooms, considering they were so small and skinny.

I was validated yesterday.

There I was writing my blog, and I instantly had the topic for today.

At first, all I saw was his male pattern baldness to confirm it was a dude.

Then he stood up.

Creepy, naked guy in the bathroom.

The window was wide fucking open.

Seriously?  I'm neurotic about never being even HALF clothed by windows!

Papi always reminds me that nobody cares to look at my nakedness through our windows. 

I know that I've matured a little since my days of constantly being donned with stalkers and voyeurs, but I still have the P.T.S.D. from it.

I'm actually quite happy having a few wrinkles and a little more age showing.  It really cuts down on the predators.  It's really quite awesome.

Most women can't stand aging.  I like it.

It's a bit like I now have freedom to wear my skirts as short as I want, because the predators are too busy watching the teens.

It's also a little like when I was younger, I shaved my head for the first time and was INSTANTLY rid of the gawking creeps who would assume that just because I unintentionally looked like a bit of a Barbie Doll with my long blonde hair, I was asking for them to prey on me.

... shudders at the man who masturbated on the bus while stroking my hair ...

Anyway.  Dude next door.

As much as he's completely comfortable with letting it all hang out for the world to see, I'm not so comfortable with seeing him and his 'man zone'.

Seriously!  Do you have no shame, man!?!?

Ok.  Maybe he's a nudist and is so used to it that he assumes that everyone else is good with it too.

Nope.  Not this femme.  Not comfortable at all.

I've moved my seat for blogging now.

Now I watch the screaming children as I write each tippity-tappity on this 4 year old, little laptop that is slowly hinting at it's departure from my world.

However, when I'm sitting in this spot, I'm not able to see the cats that are circling our balcony down below.

They're trying to figure out how to get up here and kill our cats.

You can see it in their eyes.

Anyway, my view of screaming children are better than the nudist next door.

Welcome to the jungle.

i have inner peace


  1. So basically you are saying our neighbours will be grossed out by me going around naked too. It's a HARD habit to break! The only reason i am making an effort other to please you is b/c of the bloody school right outside!!!!

    1. no they won't be grossed out papi.

      b/c you're cute.


      maybe i'm biased. xoxoxo

  2. I like this concept. I visited your blog for the first time and just been your fan. Keep posting as I am gonna come to read it everyday!!

    1. not sure if this is a concept lol! but welcome anyway. unless, my assumptions is correct, you're spam, and if you are, don't bother me anymore.

      if you're actually interested, welcome.

  3. I assume the nudity can be explained by the fact you're in "a condensed area of the city."

    It seems to me (living in a packed area of Houston) that as the population density gets higher, people feel more anonymous, meaning they feel more comfortable getting randomly naked.

    A few weeks ago, I was walking down the street and heard cars honking - I thought at me. Finally I looked up and saw I was walking behind a dude in assless leather chaps.

    At 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

    I don't look up much anymore...

    1. yeah. i keep that side of the curtain closed and only sit behind it now. don't need that.

      at all.


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