Monday, September 17, 2012

the next step to paradise!

Papi thinks he's attracting the bad energy because he's dissed the East Side for so long.

I dunno.


So far, I'm really appreciating being here.

And I'm appreciating Rescue Remedy.

We've only had one loss of fur since we moved in, and it was on a day where they didn't get enough of their calming medicine.

There was one unfortunate moment that I think I may have been over zealous when I gave Psycho Kitty his dose.

He came strolling out of the bedroom a bit too casual, with a wandering eye and a sloppy meow.


Sorry li'l dude!

I'll be more careful next time.

I can't wait for them to be in the Caribbean chasing bugs and snakes!

Here's the exciting news.

We've booked our ticket to go buy a house!

We bookmarked and looked through so many beautiful homes and sent them to the realtor.

But you know what?

This should feel like excitement, but there's a lot of stress attached to it.

Nobody told me I'd be feeling like this, but my doctor hinted on it the other day.

"It's a good stress, but still, it will be A stress."


Papi was an angry owl from the moment I saw him this morning until he decided to go hang out with a bunch of drunks and talk about themselves.

... careful, they may call you borderline ...

Anyway, I was not dealing with the búho enojado very well and I wound up doing the most ridiculous thing I could do to react to it.

I got passive aggressive.


We're both not ourselves.

We forgot about the fun!

Well, it's really fun, it is!

It has given me a lightness, knowing that after all my 'ick' of the legal crap is over, that I get to go to the Dominican Republic for 2 weeks to go house shopping, so that we can finally begin our lives together.

That is of course if there's no divorce between us in the next two weeks.

For 2 weeks, I'm going to have the sun warm my muscles, the water hold my bones, and the home we have prepared for for years will now be in our grasp.

There's a song that I heard this summer, that hasn't stopped going through my head since that day I heard cranked from the float of JetBlue Airlines at this year's Seattle Pride Parade.

It's such a great song, so coupled with the pop of the attendants in their blue and white suits, perfectly happy, welcoming white teeth, and the blue and white glitter of the float, they haven't left my mind.

Now this song seems to be on my mind more than ever.

Here ya go.

As for Papi and I being a little less than pleasant with one another, there will be plenty of more time for hissy fits on both our sides.

I suppose the only thing that matters is that we are both able to tell each other.

"You're being passive aggressive."

"Well, you're being an asshole."

Well, that took care of that.

Now let's carry on with the good stuff!

"You know you've got to go through hell before you get to heaven." - Paul Pena


  1. big move ... big deal ... big stress ... if passive agressive is the worst that happens, I'd say you're doing pretty good ... enjoy the warmth and sun :)

    1. :) thank you for understanding gwenneth.

      god my emotions are really fucked up!!

  2. when i was 10, my parents decided to move back to greece ... sold most of our stuff ... packed the rest in crate ... drove to New York and took a boat across the Atlantic ... i still remember vividly how stressful it was for my parents ... for all of us

    1. i really appreciate this. i feel bad that i'm stressed instead of excited! but i suppose, hearing from you and others, it's normal.


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