Wednesday, September 5, 2012

yes, i'm still alive.

We had no internet, and no internet means no blog.

Now, we're slowly getting back on track.

And now that we're gradually getting back on track, I need to tell the world how hard a worker my love is.

Other than when one friend who helped us for part of a day, with the really awkward, heavy stuff, Papi did the whole move on his own.


I tried to carry a few light things, but my bitch of a back wouldn't let me do the stairs with even the small stuff.

So, my love had to do it all, and do it all he did.

It really looked like we had nothing when we were in that big house, but now that we've taken that 'nothing' into 454 sq. ft. of animals, it's another story.

It's shown me that even more has to go.

If Papi has to be the one to move all my stuff, I'm going to get it as whittled as possible.

Our Closet is small, but so, so sweet.  I suppose because it's ours.

Once mi esposo and I get past the worst of settling in, we can enjoy ourselves.  Papi's not liking this whole game so far.

And the animals?

They're all on Rescue Remedy.

Oddly enough, we finally found something that works.

Everyone is calm and there hasn't been one fight.

Even Sir Bark-A-Lot only had one flip out.

However, Papi and I weren't so calm up until this point.

The humans were having issues that Rescue Remedy couldn't touch.

The last time I moved somewhere, which happened to be 4 months before the motorcycle accident, I could just about anything.

I was such a pack rat, and hence I had a lot of stuff.

A lot.

Well, back then, my love and I moved them, with only our two able bodies.

I was able enough to help huff our canoe up on top of the truck.

It's hard for a work-a-holic to not work sometimes.

I'm learning though.  Everything in moderation, including walking up stairs and whining.


Papi had a finger cut emergency and had to use his Band-Aids.  What I found was, most of those boxes were pretty much empty.

Still, they were important enough to mi esposo, that he had them unpacked 1st.

Good thing!  You never know when you'll use them!

Well, now Papi can say he's moved like the rest of us.

Poor Papi.

He's exhausted.

I have the hardest working husband on the planet.

This has been a whirlwind of 5 days.

i learn from my mistakes


  1. Glad you are back on the air! But you've heard of free wifi in coffee shops, yes? :)

    1. if i couldn't get this up today, i was going to take pain killers, and walk to find something.

      it's been a bit loonie with E doing the entire move ... took longer than if we had've done it the old fashioned way of recruiting people, but we thought we didn't have anything lmao!

    2. Furniture is always something! When you described Papi moving big stuff by himself, I was sorry I couldn't help out. Glad he survived!

    3. did you try calling kevan shong?!?! 604.540.1551!! he'll help you out good!

      and you won't have to worry about helping us again, because we're not moving furniture next time hehehe.

      it's all getting thrown out the window.

  2. you must google a blog called hyperbole and a half, and find a post called dogs don't understand concepts like moving. I tried to paste the link, but it won't let me.

    I almost peed my pants - and the images are hysterical too.

    1. that blog is funny! i'll go find it :) thank you :)

  3. Moving is such a bitch at the best of times. Glad you are back on line:)

    1. this was definitely a 'bitch at the best of times'.

      smoothest move ever, and it's so hard on my love :(

  4. Oh I feel for Papi (and you and your back!) And here's an odd question, but were you married before or is this a new thing that I have not had the opportunity to congratulate you on? Anyway, I just read the title of your next post and the word 'fart' is in it, so it's definitely a must-read!

    1. lol! the just married ... yeah ... go and read ... we've been married for 2 years lol!

      but it's good fun anyway :)

      as for my back, i've got good pain killers. phew.

  5. Glad you are back. I've been wondering where you were.


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